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History Of American Literature
Prepare a poster on TWO of the topics, that would include pictures AND at text (between 500–700 words). You can prepare two posters or place both topic on one poster. if you can do it, then I will send you full information.
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Course Management
What does Arsh Network do? Working closely with our partner educational technology clients globally, Arsh Network helps create, market and deliver online and blended UK and USA University programmes to students around the world. We use the latest pedagogy, cutting-edge technology and outstanding student experience to provide an exceptional educational experience. Who are we looking for? We have a new opening for a remote project-based, freelance Course Manager to join our team at Arsh Network. Our Course Manager will be…
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Redacción De Texto Con Normas Apa Por Alrededor De 15 Páginas -- 3
El trabajo es para elaborar textos usando normas APA, el presupuesto debe darse con los siguientes requerimientos: 1. La bibliografía la proporcionamos nosotros. 2. El interlineado es 1.5, los margenes 2cm todos. El precio al que se postulan debe ser real. El precio por el que se contratará será entre 15 y 25, mas de eso no será contratado. Se contratará a mas de un redactor. Se valorará sobre todo estar disponible para responder rápidamente los mensajes en FREELANCER. Si…
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Eng 101 : Composition
Read the reading “American Childhood” by Annie Dillard. Then a 250 - word minimum critical response to the reading, words or more, not a summary, and include your ideas about and analysis of the readings. You include quotes and textual references. Tell me what you think the reading is about and what you find most interesting. Do not summarize the reading. Tell me why these quotes are important. Consider the language. How does the author use words? What images does…
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Key Selection Criteria
Hello! I need a key selection criteria (Australian) completed, full details will be provided, including my current resume. The role is for admin assistant role at a university, I believe I have right education and experience. There are 7 essential points and 3 desirable points to be completed.
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Gs Mains Copy Checker (upsc Civil Services Exam) India -- 6
Excellent command over the GS Mains subjects Preferably high scorer in Prelims/ Prelims qualified/ Mains qualified etc Rs.8-10 per answer If interested then direct message with sample of your answer writing and brief details about your experience of UPSC exam.
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Essay Writing
Discuss the tenets of nursing’s metaparadigm. Identify personal philosophy of nursing. Your paper should include the following: - Discuss personal philosophy of nursing. - Articulate changes in personal philosophy over time. - Discuss factors that impacted change in personal philosophy of nursing. The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling. The paper should be formatted per current APA and 3-5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references…
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Conduct A Critical Analytical Review Of A Research Paper (2000words)
Conduct a critical analytical review of the following paper: Costa, A., Foucart, A., Arnon, I., Aparici, M., & Apesteguia, J. (2014). “Piensa” twice: On the foreign language effect in decision making. Cognition, 130 (2), 236- 254. A copy of the paper is available from: Guidance on article reviews 1. a) Introduction • Introduce the research article, the topic and concepts. • Provide an overview of what you intend to do in this review and the structure. 2. b) Main…
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Análisis De Políticas Publicas Colombia
requiero el análisis de un documento de 10 páginas con el fin de recolectar la siguiente información: 3 días máximo 1 Definir el problema. 2. encontrar 4 alternativas de solución. 3. crear unos criterios de evaluación que permitan ponderar las alternativas (tiempo, cercanía, favorabilidad etc) 4. una matriz Groeller y explicar cómo se eligió la alternativa de solución 5. cuál es la alternativa seleccionada y porque. este documento debe ser de 5 páginas con normas APA 15
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Content Writing: Logical Reasoning Worksheets
I am looking for academic content writers for my CAT, CLAT, GMAT tuition center. The writer will assist me in making logical reasoning and analytical reasoning worksheets. Candidates must have prior experience of academic content writing/logical reasoning. High scorers of CAT, CLAT, GMAT etc. will be prioritized.
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