Patent Infringement Research

Non-provisional Patent Application
I need an experienced patent agent to draft the claims for a non-provisional patent application on a business method and computer software. You should know very well about the Alice case and 101 rejection. Also, you should be able to draft the claims over two particular prior arts considering possible 103 rejections.
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Patent Prosecution
I have a patent application and I have to respond to an office action from the European Patent Office. I've been through a lot of other office actions, but I think EPO examiner's basis is not fair and even logical. I need clear explanations so that I can understand the framework and the basis on which the office action is done, as well as possible legal work-arounds to use in my response. So basically I need your specialized expertise to…
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Aide à La Recherche Et Rédaction D'un Brevet Provisoire
Nous sommes à la recherche de quelqu'un pouvant nous aider à faire une recherche de brevet similaire et nous aider à rédiger un premier brevet draft pour un brevet provisoire. Compagnie dans le domaine de la technologie médicale
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Patent And Copyright Lawyer
one of my Amazon listing complained of infringement.A lawyer is required to negotiate with the other party to withdraw the complaint on Amazon
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Name A Brand
Category: Home Health & beauty - Two syllables - readable, memorable - can let customers think of warm, relaxing life
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Cipo Registered Patent Agent, In Canada
I want to file a document related to a patent application in Canada, and I am looking for a patent agent registered at CIPO. Beside filings, I need the patent agent to agree to be a local correspondence agent for CIPO and forward to me all the notifications received from CIPO by mail or electronically; we will have a standard contract in that regard, and then I can sign a POA. It is even better if you have an extensive…
Full Description of CIPO registered patent agent, in Canada
Need A Professional Legal Brand Authorization Letter Maker
Hello I need a professional brand authorization letter maker but it should be authentic. If anybody can please contact me. Thank you Sachin
Full Description of Need a professional legal brand authorization letter maker
Patentar Instrumento Médico
Desarrolle un nuevo producto médico que consiste en un separador de tejidos para cirugía mamaria. Ahora deseo patentarlo para mandarlo a producción
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Patent Monetization Report Needed
Hello, I’m looking to have a full report done for a patent in the following: 1) Full Global search for a report before starting using EOU, claims, mapping, and Freedom to Operate. 2) Have a full valuation done for the patent to know what it’s worth. 3) Have a detailed Monetization and licensing report for the patent. 4) Have an IP strategy to Monetize, lease, sell, license the Patent and how to do it. 5) Make a structure and have…
Full Description of Patent Monetization Report Needed
I Need A Lawyer To Draft A Cease And Desist Letter
I have another business who has almost cloned my website. This has caused confusion and making my clients to think we are the same business. I have also realised a drastic drop in appointment before further digging made me discover this persons website. They have copied and pasted word for word information from my page and claiming it as theirs. I am in QLD, Australia looking for a lawyer to help me draft a cease and desist so they can…
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Need To Get My Idea Patented
i need someone who can help me to get my idea patented in delhi and the idea would be shared only after non disclosure agreement is signed
Full Description of need to get my idea patented
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