Analog Electronics

Schematic And Code For Temp Data Logger
i need to make a pcb for temp data logger that has lcd to show temperature , eeprom to save the temperatures, rtc, usb to upload the saved temperatures to an excel sheet with the time and date ,
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Analog Cmos Design -- 3
I am working on a project two stage OPamp and I need some help, so please if you think you can help me contact me.
Full Description of Analog CMOS design -- 3
Pspice Work
i have some work related to schematic diagram. i need a one who has good experience of pspice
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Make An Alarm Clock Without A Snooze Button
I would like a digital alarm clock which does not have any snooze features. Ideally this alarm clock would allow for two different alarm times. I want a physical alarm clock, not an app. You can ship the clock to me. I would also like it to plug into the wall, with battery backup. If I could somehow connect/time my string lights with the alarm that would be good too.
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Sensor Based Image Capture And Processing
looking to build a prototype which uses motion sensors to detect hand motion. based on the type of hand motion (lets say 3 hand waves for example), turns on the camera. the image processing unit should process the image in real time and indicate if it was a hand or any other object. the camera, battery and sensors are expected to be all micro size, to be able to fit in a wrist band.
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Electrical Or Electronics Engineer
Electrical or Electronics engineer required having expertise in Mplab. Only Freelancers from Pakistan. New freelancers are encouraged to apply
Full Description of Electrical or Electronics Engineer
Low Noise Geophone Differential Amplifier
The main objective of this project is to develop a noncommercial low cost, high quality, low noise geophone differential amplifier to provide signal for an off-the-shelf high precision AD/DA board ADS1256 DAC8552 AD/DA Raspberry Pi unit. The work here is to develop a PCB Board design for the LNGDA module using the “CS3301A Geophone Low Noise, Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier” chip from the Cirrus Logic. Or a similar better performance chip. The geophone is a generic low budget 4.5 Hz…
Full Description of Low Noise Geophone Differential Amplifier
Multisim Circuit Simulation
21 simple circuits need to be simulated in Multisim. The circuits diagrams are available in the file attached. Only Multisim simulation files are needed. No reports are required.
Full Description of Multisim Circuit Simulation
Motor And Drives Control In Simulink
I need traing on control and automation of Motor drives and power Electronics using various control tecniques for 10 days in Matlab simulink.So I will able to generate all control schemes by myself.
Full Description of Motor and Drives control in simulink
Ingeniero O Licenciado En Electrónica
Necesito alguien que sepa sobre arquitectura sobre sistemas, que haya estudiado electrónica y tenga los conocimientos frescos
Full Description of Ingeniero o Licenciado en Electrónica
Ingeniero O Licenciado En Electrónica.
Necesito alguien que sepa sobre arquitectura sobre sistemas, que haya estudiado electrónica y tenga los conocimientos frescos
Full Description of Ingeniero o Licenciado en Electrónica.
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