Uploading Excel Sheet To Get Info
hello i want to have a website : 1- design the home page , ideally 1 page website 2-allow store owners ( pharmacies) to upload csv file i attached 2 , bec most pharmacies use 2 software for prescriptions and patients handling , FILLWARE & KROLL , so i attached a file sample of each . the store owner can purchase a report for certain price ( we have to activate payment like pay pal ) and after purchase ,…
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Location Tracking Software
Like life360 (look on app and playstore) to compare and be sure to include all functionality and design in the quote. All quotes will be considered and we prefer quality. We would like to see previous big projects but if you feel you can do it or have such code and can do it for less feel free. We want this app in Flutter for both android and ios.
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Gis Farm Monitoring Remote Sensing
need to make a web app like For use in seed production. farm management, crop health monitoring
Full Description of GIS Farm monitoring remote sensing
Desenvolvedor Mapa Postgis, Layer E Etc
Temos um sistema que já tem um modulo com integração com o GOOGLEMAPS precisamos de um programador que tenha conhecimentos solidos em GeoReferenciamento, GIS, e etc, para reformular nosso submodulo, que iremos contemplar novas funcionalidades bem como sistema para cadastro de novas bases e etc. pode ser um projeto pontual, ou de fato uma contratação(nossa preferencia inclusive)
Full Description of Desenvolvedor Mapa Postgis, Layer e etc
Gps Navigator Development
We are looking for a developer to create a prototype of a GPS app for Android, with turn-by-turn navigation, capable of recalculating routes, a backend (administration web) and an API. Requirements for the app: -Should be easily ported to IOS -Working on Android 7 and up (open for suggestions) -Geopositioning of the user, centering the map on the current user position -Startup screen -Use the OpenRouteService API to get the fastest route, showing the estimated time and distance -Navigation screen…
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Display Wfs And Wms Available Datasets
My project is small, just a prove of concept. I need to display WFS and WMS data that are located in a geoserver already (have the url) in a react application. The app only uses a dropdown list to show the user the available datasets and whenever the user clicks on these the WFS or WMS will be added to the map. Should be able to select more than one data layer at the same time. It's very straight forward.…
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Consultoría Para Levantar Un Wms (web Map Service) Con Mapserver
Necesito un desarrollador con conocimientos de Mapserver para lograr levantar un servicio WMS. La idea es tener un servicio propio como que disponga de un número de capas, consumirlo con leaflet (De esta manera: y QGIS.
Full Description of Consultoría para levantar un Wms (Web Map Service)…
Traccar Client Mobile App Devloper Need
Required Some Additional Field Add in Traccar Client Please Check below required same changes in the Ios Version Aswell 1) Add One input Button Where User can Add Manualy Valyu Also Barcode Canner 2) Give Under 2 Button Pick Up And Drop Operation Is When User Fill The Valuue and Press Pick Up Button Theb the Location (Lat,ong,Date And Time ) And Other Information Will Be Send To The Api Server Also Same When User Press The Drop Button…
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Gis Google Maps Web App
i want to be able to supply a db with coordinates and see icon on screen of those coordinates upon pressing an icon I will be able to see the data from its DB I want to draw a poligon around area and get all items in it
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Mobile App Using Location Services, Need Help/consultant On Setup Of Location Settings Notification
We are creating an app in react native that uses location services. When the user downloads the app and then opens the app on an iPhone, they are given a Sign Up or Login screen. Before the user can decide to sign up, the "Location services" pop-up is coming up, asking 'would you like to allow the app to use your location?' I would like to have a screen AFTER the user inputs email (AFTER deciding to sign up), where…
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Multivendor Marketplace Development With Woocommerce
Our #1 goal is to ensure a simple, easy-to-use platform for people to sell (via a “buy now” or auction format) and shop for merchandise! It's also important for geolocation to work, allowing shoppers to shop nearby within a defined radius. (This is a feature of Dokan Business). We essentially want our site to look aesthetically like this: Everything But The House | I think EBTH ( is using the iBid 3.0 theme we have. But the difference is that…
Full Description of Multivendor Marketplace Development with WooCommerce
Leaflet Edits & Translations
- Translate all English strings to Arabic and provide a language selector. - Change the layer selector in leaflet to be a dropdown from the top bar. I've added a few screenshots of the current platform with a sketch (in red) of what things should look like in "Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 11.08.49 AM.png"
Full Description of Leaflet Edits & Translations
Map Box Expert Needed
we are integrating Mapbox with our app. we need to design the map, turn by turn screen and would also like to add places in Mapbox. it would be great to know more of what Mapbox offers.
Full Description of map box expert needed
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