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Android & Ios Chat App Using Apis Of An Existing Web Application
Hi, We need to develop android & ios app for an existing web based chat application. We can provide you the required APIs. Features Required : ---------------------------- - Android & IOS app with Apple Watch Support - Push Message Support - Open Corresponding chat window on push notification click - Notifications to Apple Watch - Reply from Apple watch using text & voice You can use native coding or cross platform tools like react-native or any other tools for the…
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Akıllı Saat Teknik çizim
Merhaba, Akıllı saat detaylı teknik çizimlerine ihtiyacımız vardır. En az 10 adet farklı modelde kasası 38mm ile 48mm arasında.
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Iwatch & Unity Bridge Gig
Deadline: 1st August 2021 Make a well documented SDK/package for bridging a cross-platform Unity project generated iOS App and iWatch modules of the same app, with error handling: Able to communicate between iOS Unity App module and iWatch App module without delay. Presumably via WatchConnectivity or faster method. With an example demo code. Able to keep sending raw data from iWatch App module (i.e., CoreMotion Acceleration data) to Unity project generated iOS App module at an interval (i.e., 0.1s) without…
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Game / Watch Development -- 2
This is ONLY the Reference link: A minimum of 10 x 3d watches are required. 360 rotation The watch will have the option of having a steel bracelet or different leather strap options. the ability to have/change Different bezel options the ability to have/change Different case colour options Options to have ONLY dial on display to customise only the dial. Addition/ removal of the hands (minute, second and hour) Colour change of the different parts of the dials such…
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Iwatch Application
iWatch application which records acceleration and gyroscope data for more than 14 days on iWatch. We already have the code but the task scheduler does not work properly. We don't want any sort of GUI.
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Api Google Fit / Apple Health
We have a cloud-based Electronic Health Records system and would like to integrate data from Google Fit and Apple health throw API without the use of an app, with content access approval only. Client data will be stored in cloud base SQL database. APP options are also welcomed if content access is not available.
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Simple Gps Heading And Track Apple Watch App
I need an apple watch app designed which displays information from the watch's GPS, Compas, and Barometric Altimeter. It needs to display: 1. Magnetic heading 2. Magnetic track (I believe it is called course in the USA) 3. Speed (customizable to knots, km/h, or statute miles per hour) 4. GPS altitude (customizable in ft or m) 5. Barometric altitude (in ft or m, with a pressure datum able to be set in millibars/hPa or inches of mercury). I also need…
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I Need A Developer For A Base Version Of An Apple Watch App
Hi, Scit is a start-up in the digital health area. Founded by two medical professionals with experience in the MedTech area, from product idea, development and commercial launch. With Scit we want to make use of the health data collected by wearables in a clinical setting. For the initial stage, we need a MVP/demo app with the base function of: - extracting health data from apple watch and put (e.g. heart rate data of a day/month) into our designed graph…
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Apple Watch Health App
We require a programmer who is able to pull real-time apple watch health data and display it in our desired graphical format on a MAC computer. The SW will need to be of a simple design as it is just proof of concept stage.
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Creation Of Shortcuts For Messenging App
I need a web interface that can send predefined messages (10 or less) or pictures to specific persons in the contact list using Telegram for example
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Desarrollador Xamarin Para Smartwatches
Quiero una app para que mis hijas puedan llevar un control de cuantas veces las hacen preguntas en clase o las sacan a la pizarra. Necesito crear una app para smartwatch, híbrida (iOS and Android) para registrar diferentes pulsaciones de botones en la pantalla y salvarlos el un CSV, y después poder cargarlo en una página via GET/POST introduciendo un código/clave en el móvil para que sepa a qué "clase" asociar ese CSV, la clave es más una especia de…
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Apple Watch Companion App - Super Basic Alarm App
Very simple companion app for apple watch It is an alarm app When main iphone app starts alarm the companion app will open and start alarm too Start /stop alarm feature
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