Solar Panel Installation

We Are Providing Funding To African Businesses Up To 10 Million Usd
Greetings, if you are operating -or planning to operate- in Mining, Solar Energy, Agriculture or Fintech. Kindly hit me up for details. Our main focus are on Sierra Leone and Ghana, but all African countries are included in funding program.
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Solar Energy Expert
I would like to consult an expert in the field of solar energy for solar panel design, out sourcing and research and development. We are building a solar panel production plant and need someone to develop the designs of the frames and the PV cell structure including research on the material, frames and electrical component. Of course the price noted is not the price of the actual project, but would like to see if we can find an expert in…
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Solar & Renwwable Energy Trainer
Want solar and renewable energy trainer for each saturday to saturday class throghout the year [Removed by]
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Create Report
Project description - In this assignment I want complete analysis using suitable software and have to use the readings that I am going to share with you. Topic name - a) Performance characteristics of solar PV cells using PV emulator b) Experiment and simulation of solar PV performance characteristics. {In the above mentioned link, various experiments are performed and see if you can use those readings in this project} Software - PV Emulator (Labview) Report sections - Objectives, Methodologies,…
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Dc Electrical Engineer To Help Develop Solar Trickle Charge Ev
I'm looking for an electrical engineer to help specify components for existing LiFePO4 battery system (electric boat). I am adding a solar trickle charge solution to the boat. Presently the boat only recharges via line power. I need to spec the parts require to solar charge (trickle charge) the 110AH 48V LiFePO4 battery bank. I would like help with the solar trickle charge system only at present. Important that I buy the correct parts and assemble the system properly. The…
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I May Want A Solar Power Engineer
We already utilize a software program and design team for solar quotes and designs. I’m curious if there’s a freelancer that can provide a better service at a comparable or more competitive cost.
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Van Conversion Electrical
I have all components needed to install electrical in my van conversion. Just need a professional to install correctly and safely.
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Solar Pv Project
Im looking for engineer for residential solar projects 5-20kW systems in Florida. Preferable with PE.
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Off Grid Remote Area Resort Concept And Design
Off Grid Remote Area Resort Concept and Design Finally ready to start this project. Our development group is considering a remote off the grid project that will include a Restaurant, Bar, Coffee shop, offices, residential, hotel rooms, and lots of shared activity space including pools and activity areas. There will be 100 meters of beach front, and 500 meters of depth going up a rocky terrain. We plan to have a lot of special features like recording studio, water features,…
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I Need A Solar Panel Engineer To Tell Me Whether My Solar Panel Is Actually Working - And If Not, What I Need To Do To Fix It.
I moved into this house in September 2020. The house was built in 2016 and has solar panels on the roof. There's an on-off switch on the top floor, but there's no meter for the solar panel anywhere. Neither my smart electricity meter nor the electricity bill mentions the solar panel. So I have no idea whether it's actually working or not. I need someone to advise on whether it's working and, if not, what I need to do to…
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Solar System Architectural Consultancy
HI all I am submitting a propostal and need and quick support from an engeneer specialized in the solar power system to help me perfom a cotacao with thenical specification according to the sites capacities «««««««««««««««««««««««««ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««
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