Participants For The Psychology Experiment
We are looking for participants in a positive psychology experiment. No special skills required, just knowledge of English to understand instructions. After completing the registration form, participants will be asked to do a daily task for 10 minutes for 7 days and to fill in 2 post-experiment evaluations, which will take roughly 15 minutes each. When applying please answer the following questions: - Have you participated in psychology experiments before? - What is your interest in participating? - If you…
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Psychology Essay
I'm working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me study. Each student will create a product that is an exploration of some topic in adolescent or young adult development. Projects will be based on readings of original research articles. The main purpose of the project is to encourage students to explore the topics they find the most interesting in greater detail than can be accomplished in class discussions. Another purpose of the project is to illustrate…
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Need Onlinementors For Mentoring Platforms (relationship, Business, Career)
We are looking for counselors and trainers to conduct online motivational training programs Online. The role is a freelancing Part-time position.The Areas of Counseling are Relationship, career, Business, Education and more....
Full Description of Need OnlineMentors for Mentoring Platforms (Relationship, Business, Career)
Quiero Hablar Con Alguien Sobre Mis Pensamientos
Me gustaría hablar con alguien, sobre lo que me esta sucediendo actualmente. Quiero hablar con un psicólogo
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The Man Project
The Man Project will be a website and app-based platform that aims to assist men to access a range of mental health and related services. Men have historically been underrepresented when it comes to accessing various forms of support, so we have teamed up as a collective to create a one stop shop to break down the barriers and make seeking help easier. Barriers to help seeking include men’s general hesitancy to reach out, a lack of understanding of mental…
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Project To Research About Faith And Healing
Specifically discuss the research findings that you located that provides scientific support of the link between prayer, health, and healing. Discuss what the Bible says about the power of prayer over physical healing. In addition to godly intervention that can come through prayer, how can prayer from a psychological perspective improve one’s health? How have you seen prayer impact healing in your own life or that of a friend or family member? This paper should be 2–3 pages, double-spaced and…
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Psychology Project -- 3
Psychology of everyday project solve , range of theories in psychology, compare and contrast two different approaches in psychology, and scientific explanation.
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Review A Ptsd Wellness App For Smartphones
I have recently created an application to help those with PTSD, anxiety, and mood disorders. As a sufferer of C-PTSD, DID, and dissociative fugue disorder myself, I struggled to find an app that could help me. Most of the calming apps seemed to be made for, well... calm people! This app is nearly in its first stage of review, and I would love to have psychologists and counsellors review the app to make sure it is safe for the public.…
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Psicologo Especialista En Terapia De Pareja
Hola, busco un psicólogo (nativo español) para terapia individual, tengo problemas de pareja y necesito con quien hablar. Las consultas serán o online. Puedo pagar 10 dolares por consulta
Full Description of Psicologo especialista en Terapia de pareja
Clinical Psychologist -- 3
I need a Clinical Psychologist to make an evaluation in the form of a report through Video consultation.
Full Description of Clinical Psychologist -- 3
Clinical Psychologist To Make Assessment
Clinical psychologist to make an assessment through video chat and make a medical assessment report.
Full Description of Clinical Psychologist to make assessment
Clinical Psychologist To Make An Assessment
Clinical psychologist to make an assessment through Video chat. Urgently only Clinical Psychologist reply or bid, This is not a assignment of any sort.
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