Landscape Design

Sawlooking For Someone Who Can Design And Install Courtyard Front Entry For My House
Just bought a new build home in Apache Junction. I want to get estimates for a courtyard. The house is is in rural area on 1.75 acre lot. Southwest design.
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Landscape Design
Hi I am looking for and experienced landscape designer to design a backyard with a pool. 2D CAD drawing of grading with location and shape of the pool will be provided. 3D design and renders are prefered. The area is about 3000 sqf. Please send me your offers and smple of your work. Thanks
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I Need Help With Designing A Landscape Garden
1. Find inverse Z-Transform (use the table) 2. Consider an LTI system with input and output related by Assume that all initial conditions are 0. Find the system impulse response h[n]. 3. Determine the stability of the causal systems with the following transfer functions
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Seo Unique Content For Website
I am looking for the best unique SEO content for my website. I already have my website. i am an architect. my firm name is PROJECTION the forecast design studio. we work in architecture, interior designing, landscape, and any type of renovation/retrofitting projects. so we need at least 200-300 words or single-page content on each topic/service. namely "architecture, interior design, landscape design, renovation/retrofitting". for more information visit - our office situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. we work in 2-3…
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Xeriscape Landscape Designer 3d
We have already had a landscape design and plants chosen that will be appropriate for our geo area. We want to make some changes to it also someone to help visualize it in photo 3D renderings. I have attached the planting plans. As well as some images of the actual house. We are looking to design a patio and a / above / below ground plug pool to the patio area on the west side of the home. Along with…
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Draftsman Needed To Supply Drawings Of Garden To Submit For Planning Permission
I’m a garden designer and I have a client who would like to submit a technical plan of their garden to the council for planning permission. I haven’t started designing their garden yet and I have never submitted a drawing to the council for planning so I would like to hire someone to submit them for me on my clients behalf. I’m also not sure of the cost involved in this, so that would be helpful! The garden is approximately…
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Landscape Design
I need 2D AutoCAD design for a landscape project on a highway shoulder. Google Earth Location and a few 3d designs attached
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I Need A Exterior Designer
Need garden designed . I only need advice on optimising the plan. Need urgently I
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Bowling Centre Beautification Mural And Landscape- Used Materials
Hi Grandview Lanes Family Owned & operated business on Commercial Dr Vancouver since 1947. We would like to keep used bowling balls and pins out of the landfills by installing an outdoor landscape / sculpture type piece. The ground space we would like to use is the easement portion of the property approximately 400sqft. The wall space is approximately 2000sqft.
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Garratt Residential House Design
Hi There! We are after an Architect and/or Designer for our personal residential house project, we have secured a piece of land and have a house plan in mind already. As we are required to have this signed off by the developer we are in need of using your expertise to adjust this house plan to meet our requirements and that of the developer so we can submit to them. Key things we are after are; 1. Amend the floor…
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