Gas Fitting

Gasfitter Needed Asap
The trigger of the natural gas fryer isn’t working.
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Hydrogen Electrolyser Design
Hi there, I am looking for an experienced engineer to design an Electrolyser for Hydrogen production. The unit will need to meet all regulatory requirements for the Australian market and will need to be highly efficient, and have a good output. Thank you! Feel free to message for more info. Nick
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Oil And Gas Fields Supply Company Training On The Part Presentations
hello we are an oil and gas feild supply company in iraq working in this sector since 1950’s wanting to add value to my employees knowledge about my business and what i’m offering and how can i prepare a quotation and how to prepare an inquiry and to explain what is data sheet , mtc and all the different documents and papers and how to understand the inquire from the enduser and offer if not the same items , some…
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Innovative Solutions For Nox And Hg Abatement In Wte Plants
ABSTRACT Waste-to-energy (WTE) plants convert unsorted urban waste into energy through a process of incineration in a boiler. The combustion of waste generates a flue gas containing different concentrations of pollutants, such as acid gases, mercury, metals, and volatile organic compounds. A2A Ambiente is looking for two different types of innovative solutions that could capture and remove: NOx from flue gas at low temperatures (T around 140°C); Hg from flue gas at high temperatures for a dry system technology. This…
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Engineering -- 2
This project will develop a module offered to level 2 Undergraduate students and will seek to develop student’s skills in collaborative working and information literacy while still advancing their discipline knowledge. The subject librarian will be invited to conduct an inquiry-based workshop with the students at the start of the module to prepare them for a literature search activity and will also provide ongoing support for students via discussion boards in the VLE. There are some contentious issues in the…
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Ex-cadent Engineer -- 2
I need an ex-Cadent engineer to advise on a gas pipe laying project
Full Description of Ex-cadent engineer -- 2
Ex-cadent Engineer
I need an ex-Cadent engineer to advise on a gas pipe laying project
Full Description of Ex-cadent engineer
Operator Fitter 1 - Fabrikasi
Syarat Kualifikasi : 1. Pria, Maksimal Usia : 27 tahun dan Pendidikan Min : SMK 2. Diutamakan tidak Perokok 3. Diutamakan domisili di Serang 4. Pengalaman minimal 2 tahun di posisi Operator Fitter 1. 5. Membaca dan memahami gambar garis tunggal, gambar garis ganda, isometrik, gambar fabrikasi, dan skema mekanik - Wajib. 6. Punya keahlian melakukan proses fabrikasi bahan dari logam dan baja mulai dari teknik gambar, marking, penyetelan maupun erection atau fit up. 7. Mengenal Jenis Material dan peralatan…
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Snap Comsa Gas Valve
Need to design a gas valve that fits into a commercial flat griller. It must have quick "Snap" heating to a set temperature and then stabilize at that set temperature. Temperature settings are variable and must have a safety cut-off solenoid.
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Secretos Gastronomicos
El proyecto trata de facilitar recetas económicas y deliciosas de la gastronomía.
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Need A Structure Engineer For Estimating Repair Cost
Estimate the cost of the essential repairs for a property, such as the movement at upper part of the south-most gable wall, deflection of the gable wall at high level, vertical cracking to roughcast and a gap between the gable wall and roof structure.
Full Description of Need a structure engineer for estimating repair cost
Install A Gas Stove
I am renovating my property and will need the new stove to be installed 300mm to the left of where it is currently meaning the pipe will have to be shortened and the fitting replaced to fit the new stove.
Full Description of Install a gas stove
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