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Build Me A Business
Mi proyecto personal es ser una excelente administradora de empresa, una trabajadora social excelente y un gran ser humano
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Detailed Drawings For Tiny Home On Wheels
I need someone who can draw detailed plans for a tiny home on wheels, that would include everything a builder needs, to know exactly how to build the home. I do not want the builder to guess where things should go. Please have done at least one tiny home on wheels. I need everything a builder would need to look at the plans and know exactly where a stud should go, a bracket should go, where the drainage, electrical, everything.…
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Storm Management
Driveway is shared among 5 commercial properties and when it rains the water has nowhere to go so it puddles. I will need a design that follows local codes for the water to go somewhere and to provide it to a contractor.
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Design 1 Floor Of An Appartment Building Based On An Excisting Plan And A Set Of Fixed Parameters.
We have a design of a appartment complex, today it has 12 appartments on 1 floor. We want to change the lay-out and have alternatives with more appartments, a differnt lay-out. all whilst respecting a few fixed elements and whilst increasing living quality etc... perfect project for an architecture student or passionate. to be deliverd as detailed sketches, no need for dwg but can be ....
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Build A Inventory Sales Mobile Application
A basic or working prototype which include below functionalities - Start new sale - Retrieve prev sale - Add items for a sale - Calculate total amount - Checkout or payment page(options to include cash, card, phonepe) - and few more functionalities which can be added on the go
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Design For Mobile Poultry House -- 3
I am looking for a BUILDING DESIGN ENGINEER to produce the technical drawings, specification and Bill of Quantities for a modular poultry house of 35 - 40 m2, as described in the attached document. Please study the attached PDF and examples BEFORE you submit your bid. The building will be movable. You will need mechanical experience to design the base frame, wheel and traction solution. The structure will be of wood and you will need knowledge and experience in building…
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Wordpress Website Development Agency
WordPress website development agency I’m looking for a WordPress website development agency or freelancers, who can help us with a project
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Design Gardeen
Design of my gardeen at my home with total of 360M total size of land 260M total size of design 101M total size of buileding I am looking to design the backyard to includ Place for kids to play. Two places for gathering BBQ side Waterfall Sidewalk of roocks Nagural Trees suitable for hot weather Lighting And other ideas as a designer Regards
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"the Destiny" House Plan Development
1 - create structure in revit 3d and provide separate floor plan for Area measures (up to 3 revisions) 2 - add all measures, finalize floor plan and roof structure add floor plan, roof system, and elevation details 3 - create monolithic foundation plan, 2d elevations, roof plan, and section details 4 - create short sheet for marketing to include clean floor plan and 3d elevation and provide final pdf copies of and revit program file.
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I Need A Residential Building Plan
I'm Jake Steve and I'm planning on building a four-bedroom apartment and I need a building plan, both interior and exterior designs, architectural drawings e.t.c.
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Architect Design
Architects create designs for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments. They use their specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Architects stay involved throughout the construction process, adapting their plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors or client needs. As such, they operate as part of an overall project design team, working closely with a range of construction professionals from quantity surveyors to building services engineers. Typical work activities…
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I have the passion for the future. i want to educate individual with my team that support the mission to come together to build individual into purpose. I also have a home remodeling business where I has supported the cause from the beginning stages. Over the month thing have been challenging where it have affected individual in many areas. Me myself and other can truly teach our generation to come and prepare our kid and adults now so it will…
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Engineer For Product Approval
I need an engineer to sign and seal a letter that states that our product meets Florida Building Code Standards
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