Antique Restoration

Other Life
give a second chance to different articles, restoration and in this way help many people to acquire articles at better prices supporting the world economy, Also with the profits to be able to help animals in vulnerable situations, improve living conditions ... in short, another life
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Restauración De Foto Dañada
Hola. Quisiera saber si se puede arreglar o restaurar digitalmente esta foto para después volver a imprimirla y enmarcarla. De ser posible, me gustaría tenerla para el 20 de octubre o antes por favor. Muchas gracias. Tengo más versiones del Archivo en distintas resoluciones o puedo volver a escanearlo o llevar el original si es necesario.
I Need An Art Repair.
Minor repairs on art piece. She's an antique from France. Im wondering about the aging marks.
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Music Box Restoration (craft Metal Painter, Metal Worker)
Music Box Restoration: Need metal painting in various methods for extensive restoration project for 100s of music boxes. Gold, Silver, Colors, matte, shinny finishes to touch up or redo paint on casted Antimony metal pieces. We even need to fix metal legs or intricate motion pieces. Also, we need a talented metal worker who can fix broken hinge issues to restore broken off lids to bases. We may also need fabric touch up or replacement for certain items' jewelry compartments.…
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I Need A Resin Specialist Who Can Repair Resin Artworks
We have a damaged resin block which has a suspended wren's nest inside. There is a chip on the bottom which we need grinding out or slicing off?
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Re Colour Digital Canvas
I have a digital copy of an old painting. I would like it adjusted to the original vibrant colours as when painted 500 years ago. The fished product will need to be of a high dpi
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Furniture Repair & Assembly
Hometime Solutions, a furniture store located in Montgomery, Al. We are in search of a new hire for furniture repair and assembly. Pay rate is starting at $15. We are looking for a diligent and work oriented individual to specialize in these two areas.
Full Description of Furniture repair & assembly
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