Process Engineering

Design A Photobioreactor Using Ms Excel
We have to design a photobioreactor to convert microalgae into ethanol with the capacity of 1000 litre ethanol per year.
Full Description of Design a photobioreactor using MS Excel
Need An Ai Developing
Need an AI for numerous tasks I run a chain of grocery stores, and need to have and AI to -Order Stock -Manage Delivery Drivers -Manage Stock in Warehouse with sell by dates -Voice Activated will be cool -Delivery Routes -Which warehouse should the driver go to -Big Data Analytics, What to reorder and when - Back end for sales - Accounts Also We have to do simulations before putting it into the real world Many Thanks
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Procesamiento Digital De Imágenes , Captura De Fotos Y Documentos, Almacenamiento En Servidor , Web Services
Se requiere comparar una imagen alojada en un servidor, y compararla con unas siluetas o imágenes semejantes almacenadas en una base de datos, de manera que se envíe una alerta vía web services, cuando exista una correlación entre ellas, y cuando exista una correlación entre las mismas en un porcentaje definido como parámetro, el cual debe poder ser parametrizado en una tabla maestra de la aplicación, además se hace necesario contar con una aplicación APP , que permita tomar fotos,…
Full Description of Procesamiento digital de imágenes , captura de fotos…
Automation Control Exe
we are in the process of manufacturing EXE-certified SS boxes. So we like to hire a consultant or a full-time Engineer, who will be able to guide on the complete technical specification of the manufacturing process and get it certified.
Full Description of Automation Control EXE
Looking For An Interactive Flow Chart Plus Faq Around The Process.
I am having a process and I want someone expert to help me with designing a self explanatory flowchart and Detail level of FAQs around the same. I will share a document with steps in a day or two.
Full Description of Looking for an interactive flow chart plus FAQ…
Full Engineering Design Of Brine Circuit Able To Use The Brine And To Feed It To A Chlor-alkali Plant .the Plant Will Produce Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid And Sodium Hypochlorite Chlorine From Brine Water
Full Engineering + Feasibility study for a typical brine circuit able to use the brine and to feed it to a Chlor-alkali plant .Chlor-Alkali plant. The plant will produce caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen gas, mg, sulfer, The feed line is 29000 m3/day of brine water ( we can use any amount of the brine) brine chemical composition attached. The scope of supply will be the following : Process Description PFD P&ID E&M balance…
Full Description of Full Engineering Design of brine circuit able to…
Designing Assembly Line For A Product
The project intends to experimentally propose the best assembly layout for the Re roxroth bosch assemble line of hydraulic gear pumps to increase the production capacity and efficiency for the existing working hours. The engineering design will be designed and validate using one of the ergonomic software like Jack Seimens. The aim of the project is to propose three models which can increase the productivity of the plant, total number of production per shift and reduce the human risk/fatigue. We…
Full Description of Designing assembly line for a product
Peanut Oil Deodorizer
Peanut oil deodorizer I need the executive project (and detailed drawings) for a refined and bleached peanut oil deodorizer. Conditions: Flow: 5 ton/h Oil Type: Peanut Deodorizer type: dishes
Full Description of Peanut oil deodorizer
Design Our Processes In A Flow Chart To Get Us Ready For Zoho Migration
We are looking for someone that can help build our process for our services we provide to our customers. We have 35 Services we provide. You must listen to our process and make a flow chart, so we can later add automations and sequences to the chart. Please type ZOHO on top of your bid so your bid can be accepted. This is an example of a non-professional flow our one of our services.
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The Plant Simulation V. 16
The desired project is expected to be realized by following the steps given in the PDF.
Full Description of The Plant Simulation v. 16
Compras En La Era Digital
Quiero montar una presentación sobre la que hagamos 3 versiones corta, larga y ejecutiva, y para ello adjuntaría diferentes presentaciones tanto en inglés como en español, y el objetivo sería montar el modelo final. Yo estaría monitoreando el avance de la presentación y para cualquier duda de la misma
Full Description of Compras en la Era Digital
Digitalisation Strategy And Implementation Roadmap -- 2
2. PURPOSE OF CONSULTANCY The purpose of the consultancy is to develop a digitalisation strategy and roadmap for local examination council and further provide advisory services for the successful implementation of the roadmap.
Full Description of Digitalisation Strategy and Implementation Roadmap -- 2
Consender Dimensionning
We have a 50L reactor filled with ethanol 60°C and we would like to dimension a coil condenser (with 25°C water) to prevent evaporation. I need your support for an estimation of the exchange surface.
Full Description of Consender dimensionning
need some help with control Systems assessment needed for a project
Full Description of Assessment
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