Nrf52840 With I2c Sensor
Need to interface an I2C sensor with nrf5 SoC. Only require to edit corresponding I2C functions write in an already existing sensor driver. The program needs to be compiled in Segger Embedded Studio. Further details will be shared during the project discussion.
Full Description of Nrf52840 with I2C sensor
Write A Simple Code For Microchip Microcontroller Pic24ep256mc204 Using Mplab X And Xc15 Language
We have ready prototype PCB and need a code writer with following skills: 1 Microchip PIC24 architecture using MPLAB X and XC16 2. I2C and 2 line symbol display 3. UART serial peripheral 4. buttons and LEDs Here is a short description: a signal commutator using commands from buttons or from RS485 interface. The commutated signal needs to be displayed on LCD. There is some interlocks. Its a simple but custom protocol. Details will be provided later after non disclosure…
Full Description of Write a simple code for Microchip microcontroller PIC24EP256MC204…
Library For A I2c Sensor Working With Esp32 In Arduino Ide
I have a sensor of pressure BX-PSM19D, and i need a library to manage the information from it, i have the datasheet of the the sensor and want a library similar to the one for the oled or rtc i2c.
Full Description of Library for a i2c sensor working with esp32…
Led I2c Control On Atmega328
This project uses the design and code from OpenEVSE, designer and manufacturer of open source electric vehicle charging equipment. The ATMega328 microcontroller is used in the project, and the code is maintained in C++. A modification of the source code is required to repurpose the I2C functionality of the controller to control a third-party off-the-shelf LED controller. More information about the controllers, code and progress to date is provided in the attached document. Version 5.0.1 of the firmware is currently…
Full Description of LED I2C control on ATMEGA328
Arduino/esp32 Library Needed For A Rgb Ambient Light Sensor
Arduino/ESP32 library needed for a rgb ambient light sensor using the Arduino IDE and its I2C wire library. i need a driver library for following I2C sensor. LTR-381RGB. dont need all functions so far. it should be doable to set the gain. ALS_CS_GAIN Register (0x05) (Read/Write) as i would need the data for following channels CS_DATA_IR Register (0x0A / 0x0B / 0x0C) (Read Only) CS_DATA_GREEN Register (0x0D / 0x0E / 0x0F) (Read Only) CS_DATA_BLUE Register (0x10 / 0x11 / 0x12)…
Full Description of Arduino/ESP32 library needed for a rgb ambient light…
Wearble Embedded Electronic Sistem
The project consist in a wearble device connected at three little beacon, the sistem is controlled by an ATMEGA328p-MU and has a NRF24l01+ like module connection, the device contains different simple modules like real time clock, oled display i2c, gyroscope. I need a computer scientist for to make the software part and the viewing images (ONLY SCIENTIST COMPUTER)
Full Description of Wearble Embedded electronic sistem
Esp32 Read/write Sdi Sensor
Hi, I need someone to create an script to read and write all the register to the sensor AS39 , datasheet attached, Page 13 , also I would need how to wire up
Full Description of ESP32 read/write SDI Sensor
Ntag® 5 Boost
The project is a small standalone project where we have to establish NFC link with android/IoS and the NTAG5 Boost for setting some registers to a uC connected to the NTAG5. When communication is established a small UI to make the setup/configuration is needed. More details will be given later. We look for a person that has experience in NTAG5, and that can make a small UI to make the configuration of a uC from a mobile phone. Setup is…
Full Description of NTAGĀ® 5 Boost
Battery Design And Production
I need someone who is expert at battery management and design, we are planning to manaufactur batteries for a medical device..please only experts and experienced guys..cycle count..serial number etc should be kept in battery
Full Description of battery design and production
C++ Framework Programing For Esp32
The program should have the next modules: STATE_MACHINE: Checks for the systems health, correct boot, battery level, communication etc. IO_MANAGER: program that manages the writing and operation of the digital and analog outputs of the system, as well as the reading of values and their reading cycles of the digital and analog inputs. PROGRAM_MANAGER: The Program Manager program has the function of managing the orders from the HMI to the programs and from the programs to the HMI (Nextion). IO_LINK:…
Full Description of C++ Framework Programing for ESP32
Atemega328p I2c Communication
- I have a Slave device that has more than one variable to be read by the master, I need to send this information to the master. - On Slave I have the following information, Vrms, Irms, Freq, VA, VAR, Version. This information needs to be sent to the master when requested.
Full Description of atemega328p I2C communication
Embedded Linux I2c C++ Example
Hello. We hade a PCB ready with ARM Einstein-S500 SoM with VEML7700 Light Sensor. Need someone to debug the problem and implement a C++ example project for VEML7700 Light Sensor. Thanks.
Full Description of Embedded Linux I2C C++ Example
Why Is Bcm2711 I2c Soc Register Programming In My C Program Not Inline With I2c Standard
I have a C program running on Raspberry Pi 400. It reads and writes to I2C EEPROM using BCM2711 register programming. In MainDriver.c, these are the lines that don't make sense although they work: BSC1_FIFO = 0x00; // Value of Hi Addr BSC1_FIFO = 0x43; // Should be "data byte" to write BSC1_FIFO = 0x42; // Should be value of Low Addr I want to write 'B' at EEPROM location 0x0043. So, in-line with i2cWriteByteData() as well as SMBus protocol…
Full Description of Why is BCM2711 I2C SoC register programming in…
Stm32 - Lora Customization
STM32 knowledge: LORA-E5 C/C++ coding skills Knowledge on UART, SPI, I2C drive development Should have own STM32 eval kit or development board for testing purpose
Full Description of STM32 - LORA Customization
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