Embedded Systems

Dvb-mpe Deencapsulation
Hello everybody I am on a special innovative project, the project consists in the development of an application or library for the Deencapsulation of the DVB-S2 signal received from the satellite under the DVB-MPE protocol. The desired development is on the Box which runs on Android OS. Thank you
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Temperature Controller
Required source code for temperature controller which has a selectable sensor such as RTD, J type, k type and with a selection of ON/OFF action or PID mode of operation. 3.5 inch touch control screen is used to display PV and SV value. Some other parameters like input voltage and load current is also displayed on touch screen with a edit-able option to display company name on touch screen. Also gives low voltage or high voltage alarm when the input…
Full Description of Temperature Controller
Mbed Fingerprint Voting
To use K64F, N5110 display, and a GT11C3, and 4 buttons to cast the vote and a joystick to navigate a menu
Full Description of Mbed fingerprint voting
Safe Load Indicator Embedded Software Development
Edit IP A Safe Load Indicator (SLI) or an Automatic Safe Load Indicator (ASLI) is a device which is installed on mobile or portal cranes to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery.[1] In some cases, the device will physically lock the machinery in circumstances it determines to be unsafe. SLI systems are usually composed of a microprocessor connected to various sensors on the crane itself. The SLI measures the angle and…
Full Description of Safe load indicator Embedded software development
Looking For An Embedded System Expert For Some Question Set -- 2
Looking for an embedded system expert for some question set. We can talk the details on direct message. I've included a few sets of questions as an example. The questions you will help with will be similar to these questions.
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Embedded Fan Control Software For Stm32l071kzt6
We have a fan controller board with 7 fans (MR3010H12B1+6-RSR) that have 4 wire signalling. The board also has RS232 connectivity with a host board. The embedded software: 1) Must be able to drive all fans at the same speed (no per fan speed control required). 2) Fan throttle must be 0%, 10%, 40%, 70% and 100%. 3) A status LED must be used to show the status of the drive. 4) Last set fan throttle must be kept in…
Full Description of Embedded Fan Control Software for STM32L071KZT6
Product Development To Yield Higher Performance From Hardware
We are Developing a new product for higher throughput for different market Sectors. We have our own stack and own OS for Multi core Environment. The Developer will get a very good exposure to new technology and a new way of doing things. This is our new approach to technical solutions to current market issues. A more than year project.
Full Description of Product Development to yield Higher Performance from Hardware
Need A Telemetry Box With Accelerometer And Pir Sensor And 4g Usb Modem Push Data To Host Server
We require the services of a capable qualified engineer who CAN DEMONSTRATE EXPERIENCE or have a prortype we can use immediately and re-code firmware and build a board with accelerometer, PIR sensor, backup battery and 4G usb &/oror PCI Express modem and / or wifi board. The device needs to detect: - PIR when something is within the vicinity and support adjusting sensitivity and distance maximum 30 cms) and log it in a local media file and push to server…
Full Description of Need a telemetry box with accelerometer and PIR…
Need Embedded System Programmer
I need programmer for programming my diy board for specific function. My Diy board has MM32F003TW as brain. MM32F003TW is alternative of STM8S003F3 for me
Full Description of Need Embedded System Programmer
Hx711 + Android
Needed from you: An Android app and source code that displays Hx711 load cell reading (in kg) in real time on the screen. Not acceptable: Python code (I have that already) I need to implement Hx711 weight sensor reading functionality to my application that I'm constructing on Android Studio. Single board computer to be used in this project has not been downselected, because the decision mainly depends on if Hx711 reading capability is possible in the first place. You may…
Full Description of Hx711 + Android
8085 Project
need to make counter with pushbutton and led, seven segment is used. more detail in chat. simple 1 day project.
Full Description of 8085 Project
Arduino+platformio Build
For an open source project, fix dynamic variables while building (cpp defines). Main : https://github.com/One-Green/iot-edge-agent/blob/main/sprinkler/src/main.cpp Config.h : https://github.com/One-Green/iot-edge-agent/blob/main/sprinkler/lib/Config/Config.h platformio.ini : https://github.com/One-Green/iot-edge-agent/blob/main/sprinkler/platformio.ini Request : pass while building variables defined in platformio.ini to Config.h (String / Integer / boolean)
Full Description of Arduino+PlatformIO Build
Sound Amplification Using Esp32 And Mems Microphone
We are making a device wherein we are required to filter and amplify sounds. We are using ESP32 as our controller and MEMS INMP441 as our sensor. Communication channel is I2C. We need someone who is experienced with these hardware. We have a code ready that captures the sounds and send them via bluetooth. We need someone who can help us put frequency filters and amplification of sounds captured.
Full Description of Sound amplification using ESP32 and MEMS microphone
Publishing Book File
I have completed a book project. The book is ready to be published. I have run into an issue of the text not being embeded, so I can not upload the document for publishing. I tried to figure out the issue myself but was unable to do so. So I am looking for someone to embed the text for the book file, and the front book cover, and back book cover should that be an issue as well.
Full Description of Publishing Book File
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