Clean Technology

Education should reach to each and every individual of the society so that everyone will become independent....Means educational apps should be promoted so that the students will clear their doubts also....And..during corona many students lack education in a proper way ...main is knowledge it must be reached to each and every individual..I would like to teach kids..from 6th to 8th..
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House Keeper
need someone to cleen house, genaral cleanlines to provide sanitory and amenities for guest and resident
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Painting A Room With Atlas Powerwash & Paint
I am a painting contractor in new jersey. I require a good driver and painting assistant. I do not drive so taking me on estimates will be extra. I choose the best jobs from the best leads. You will enjoy an excellent pay. And a safe work area.
Full Description of Painting a room with Atlas Powerwash & Paint
Nodejs | Api Search Console | Create Coverage Report
I need the code in NodeJS that allows executing 3 routes (attached SPA example image). - Index. Access and authentication with OAuth2.0 to Search Console. Redirect to Dashboard. - Dashboard. Select: + Domain. Shows list of domains available in the account. + Select Pages known or submitted in Sitemap. + Select the type of report: valid URLs, excluded URLs, errored URLs and valid URLs. We can see each type of state in Search Console> Coverage (see example). I will send…
Full Description of NODEJS | API Search Console | Create coverage…
Electronic Detergent Box
Dear whoever receives this, I need to make a high quality box for my brod to combine my four products and present to the customer beautifully. Thank you
Full Description of Electronic Detergent Box
Journal Paper (technical Paper) 5-7 Pages
a short paper for Association Rule learning algorithms comparison (compare 5 algorithm used in the area of the Market and consumer behavior Analysis (including FP-Growth, Prefix Span, …etc.). The minimum section in the paper: Abstract, Introduction, algorithms comparison metrics, Reuslt, and Conclusion. All 5 algorithms should be implemented in apache spark ML libraries. The paper should cover at least 7 good journal papers ( I mean by good journal papers: that papers in which they published between 2017 and 2021…
Full Description of Journal paper (technical paper) 5-7 pages
Grant Writing Technology
Dear All, We from HydroSolid, a german/austrian startup in the field of hydrogen technology are looking for an experienced freelancer for grant applications writing. We will apply for german, austrian and european calls and grants. Please visit our website for more information about us. (
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I Need A Grant Proposa Writer With Environmental Experience
We are up for a proposal for a very large cash prize to help our company get to the next level. We have a very unique technology for cleaning up oils spills, microplastic, hydrocarbons, etc. from our oceans that will in fact, being to reverse global warming. Need someone with experience in environmental grant proposal writing to help us out with a 1500 word grant proposal.
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Quote For Local Electrical Installation In Malaysia -- 3
Hi there, I need a quote for the electrical installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Malaysia. Here are the specs: 1. Underground parking garage 2. 100ft of cabling (single or 3 phase) 3. 32A current capacity 4. Wall mounted installation I need a quote who can get this job done for me. I need a list of all the necessary components, tools, permits, and costs for material and labor. Attached is a picture of an installation. I will work…
Full Description of Quote for local electrical installation in Malaysia --…
Sofa Deep Clean
I bought a couch off of Facebook marketplace and I want to get it deep cleaned or steam clean anything to get rid of dog smell
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Carbon Credit Project Design Document
Assist in the project registration process of a carbon emissions avoidance project (fuel switch/energy efficiency/FLW avoidance) with the Verra Registry (PDD etc). Applicants must have specific experience of this process and familiarity with CDM and Verra methodologies. Company will provide guidance and inputs. Estimated 60 hours work.
Full Description of Carbon Credit Project Design Document
Hvac Design
hvac design with rugged as well as cost and energy conservative
Full Description of hvac design
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