Smart Contracts

Wordpress Based Nft Marketplace
I need an nft marketplace based on wordpress. include smart contracts and users management. I can creqte the design per your request. i have installation of wp, with smart contract plugin, ultimate member plugin, astra, elemtor pro but i dont know how to connect them all into 1 fully working nft marketplace. thank you
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Ico Website
I need a freelancer in helping us to create a new ICO token and market, we have the funds and good understanding but we don't have the tech to set it up.
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Build For Us A Private Blockchain
We want a company or professionals that can build 1. A Blockchain and develop coins for our private Crypto community The person(s) should know how write smart contracts with Poff of stake (PoS) Terminologies. We will further want to encrypt those coins to be compatible in offline P2P Transactions 2. Develop tokens that can be hosted on 2 existing Blockchains, that is Binance Smart Chain and Etherlite Mainnet. They Should have high level trust, confidential and ability or willing to…
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Smart Contract That Sends Royalties Earned From To Minters
I have an NFT collection that receives royalties whenever someone buys my nft on the secondary market. I want to pass on that royalty to the wallets that initially minted my NFT from my website. Seems i will need a smart contract to do this.
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Smart Contract Development
ERC-20 compliant smart contract with a few custom features. Must use OpenZeppelin framework.
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I Need Someone Who Has Worked With Aave -- 2
It's mandatory that the freelancer has worked on AAVE project itself. We'll discuss in detail about the project in private
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Looking For Yield Farm Dapp Developer
I need expert to fork and code token and masterchef contracts for a yield farm project on Polygon Network.
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Fix Coin Trading Bot App
Hi, I have the trading bot app. it is uniswap trading to app. It worked well. but I face some error from yesterday. i hope you fix it asap. i will send the file via chat.
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Nft Makretplace For Game Assets
Would like to develop NFT marketplace: Login / Registration Connect Wallet Trust Wallet MetaMask WalletConnect Coinbase Torus Homepage Top Collections (chosen by the Admin Team) Top Sellers (in lat 1, 7, 30 days and All Time) Live Auctions Hot Bids (trending) Hot Collections (trending) Search Input to search Autofill Filter: Price (From - To), Auctions, Buy Now Sort: Lowest Price, Highest Price, Most Popular, Most Sales Show Filter / Categories on the left (Categories from here: Sorting on top…
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Front-running Bot For Dexes (uni / Pancake / Etc)
I would like to create a front-running bot based on the ethereum Blockchain with different contracts address that I could enter (Metamask, uniswap pool essentially). Its back-end would be in ASP.NET Core or node.js. The BOT would essentially: - Scan the Ethereum blockchain and find transactions based on certain criteria (pending on the block aka mempool). - Front-run (specific trade volumes, slippage and gas price) transactions by placing a buy order on the same block at the same time by…
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Help Me Deploy/verify A Token
I'm trying to deploy a HODL forked contract token but somehow I keep getting an error when I try verifying the contract.
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Fetch Info From Defi Apps, Farms And Pools
I want to create an application to fetch crypto assets values from DeFi applications on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. The main function of this application is to fetch total locked value info from dapps on Etheruem and Binance Smart Chain. Fetch infor from farms and pools
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Need An Expert In Solidity, Smart Contracts Writing.
Hello, i am looking for an expert in ETH network ERC20 smart contracts tokens. i have some knowledge but need someone who know how to write an unique smart token contract. deploy it and change settings after, like a max buy limit, max sell limit etc.
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