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Healing Fibroids And Maintaining A Healthy Uterus
Job Description Job Title: Organizing a Fibroid Healing Binder Duties: Hello. My name is Sharnae Brown. I’am looking for an assistant that can help organize a binder by printing and typing labels on the dividers that I brought. I’am currently using Avery dividers that I brought. I’am currently using Avery dividers. I have a sheet of words that I want to be printed on. Also, I want to do a binder cover too. This task is a flat rate of…
Full Description of Healing Fibroids and Maintaining a Healthy Uterus
Native Arabic Speakers Needed | Dubai
What you have to do: 1) Have the app already. Download AMR (Appen Mobile China) China from Google Play or APP store (if you want android version, you could ask me for .apk directly) 2) HAVE A PIN TO LOGIN DIRECTLY 3) Once u enter and ask me PIN mail:511682020(at) 2-1.enter ProgramID:101 PIN:(U asked me) to sign the agreement. 2-2.back to main 3-3.enter ProgramID:73 PIN:(the same) to record the voice. 3) Follow the APP introduction 4) Make the screenshot when…
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Phone Representative And Chat -- 4
Representatives will make B2B calls to raise awareness about organizational corporate events and programs. Incumbents are required to have a clear English speaking voice and mobile device access is required. Ability to accurately type data generated summaries in word processing application or e-mail and navigate coherently and conduct business professionally in an online corporate digital platform and remote work environment. Night shift work may be required to accommodate EST time zone during normal business hours between 9a and 5p.
Full Description of Phone Representative and Chat -- 4
Site Visit - Bahmas
Hello, I need someone locally who can do a site visit for confirming an address based in Bahamas. Further details will be provided after the proposals. Thanks!
Full Description of Site visit - Bahmas
Site Visit - Ca
Hello, I need someone locally who can do a site visit for confirming an address based in USA. Further details will be provided after the proposals. Thanks!
Full Description of Site visit - CA
Cook County Cleanout Office Space Proposal
I need a proposal to rent office space in a shared office. The proposal is to lease the space for 24 months renewal negotiations at the end of the lease. I'm a General Contractor for Property Preservation and the space I'm want to rent is with a plumbing business. It's about 20,000 square feet. There is a parking yard adjacent to the office. I have 4 trucks to park on the lot. The owner want my company to initiate (down…
I Need A Philippine Resident In Cagayan De Oro City
I need a person who resides in Cagayan de Oro City and has a driver's license, and has prior knowledge of the procedures for obtaining a Philippine passport, in order to assist a worker in obtaining the passport
Full Description of I need a Philippine resident in Cagayan de…
Need 3 Native Male Speakers | Hamburg
Hey. Are you free now? I am looking for 3 male persons born in Germany. What you have to do: 1) Have a recorder, Sony px470 or better Debugging and preparation of recording equipment Before recording, please adjust the equipment according to the requirements. Recorder settings: Home key - Settings - recording settings: Recording folder: built in memory Scene selection: meeting Recording mode: lpcm 44.1khz/16bit Built in microphone sensitivity: suitable for voice Centralized / spacious: spacious recording filter: NCF (noise…
Full Description of Need 3 Native Male Speakers | Hamburg
[switzerland, Lausanne] Hiring Urine Specimen Collector For Pre-employment Drug Testing
We are part of a worldwide network providing drug testing services. We have a presence in multiple countries. Our client wants us to conduct drug testing around Lausanne, Switzerland. We will train you on how to do it and provide the necessary supplies and tools. You will have to either go to the client's residence or office to collect the provided urine sample or rent a meeting room to host the session. Meeting room rental cost will be borne by…
Full Description of [Switzerland, Lausanne] Hiring urine specimen collector for pre-employment…
Site Visit - Germany 02
Hello, I need someone locally who can do a site visit for confirming an address based in Germany. Further details will be provided after the proposals. Thanks!
Full Description of Site visit - Germany 02
Product Testers Needed For Pop Toy
Hello, I am looking for product testers who can buy and test my product. I will reimburse you for the cost of the product and you won't have to return it, you can keep the product. I will require you to post your feedback along with pictures and videos. I will release the payment once I get a confirmation of your feedback. I have attached four pictures. Let me know which one you are interested in testing. Please bid ONLY…
Full Description of Product Testers Needed for POP Toy
Fleet Manager For Ride Hailing Company
I need someone who can manage my fleet of cars on Uber in South Africa. The person must have contacts to various Uber Drivers and Slots in South Africa.
Full Description of Fleet Manager for Ride Hailing Company
Welsh Recording Collection
1. use our app to record sentences. 2. Each person record 400 sentences.each sentence contains 5-15 words 3. Need quiet place. 4. need 300 people in total. 5. Both team and individual prefered. 6. This work can be done remotely with your own phone. 7. for individual each person is 55 dollars once done qualified recording.
Full Description of Welsh recording collection
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