Female Math Tutor
We are looking for a female math tutor who is fluent in English and understands the requirement for Maths, KS2 and KS3 It is for a young girl age 11. The fees are limited in dollars per hour, will discuss once finalised. Good luck.
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Native Canadian-french Speakers Needed | Quebec City
Program: Native Canada Speak French Speak French to pay attention to the first English into French in reading. What you have to get ready: 1) Have a recorder, Sony px470 or better Debugging and preparation of recording equipment Before recording, please adjust the equipment according to the requirements. Recorder settings: Home key - Settings - recording settings: Recording folder: built in memory Scene selection: meeting Recording mode: lpcm 44.1khz/16bit Built in microphone sensitivity: suitable for voice Centralized / spacious: spacious…
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Bonjour, J'ai un document pdf que je désire avoir sous format Word ou Excel, ceci afin que je puisse l'adapter ensuite.
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Transcription Editor
The fastest-growing kid's digital media agency in the business, KidsKnowBest is a full-service creative agency; driven by insights; powered by youth We We are looking for someone to spend 80 hours going through online transcriptions and making edits, to make sure it makes sense for our data analysts. This can all be done remotely, and you need to speak English fluently.
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Hi there! I need a native Farsi to English Transcriber, please bid only native person, Thanks in advance,
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Transcribe Video Tutorials For Document (and Screenshot)
Exactly as the title states. Videos need to be PERFECTLY transcribed. I have 17 videos.... roughly 1 min 45 seconds each. So 30ish min in total. Please see videos here.... Deliverable expectations. 1) Text should be in a microsoft word file. 2) 1 Word for all 17 videos. 3) Each new video should have title of video written above content. 4) Each tutorial should work in steps, with appropriate screenshots grabbed in FULL QUALITY from video. 5) You thus…
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Transcribe Novesl And Short Videos
Interprets written or spoken material into one or more other languages, ensures meaning and context are maintained, creates glossaries or term dictionaries, possesses knowledge of multiple languages, works with individual clients and corporations.
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Adobe Premier Pro Teacher Educator
I'm looking for Premier Pro to teach me Adobe Premier Pro( Speed Ramping, color grading, slow mo, Advance audio, plug ins, editing videos ) I'm paying $25.00 hour Please speak good English.. Be able to do video screen sharing.. Thank you.. Please only premier pro experience... I'm leaving final Cut pro to go to premier
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Interprets written or spoken material into one or more other language,ensures meaning and context are maintained,creates glossaries or term dictionaries, possesses knowledge of multiple language, works with individual clients and corporations.
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Thailand Transcribers
Transcribe Guru is expanding its Thai transcriber team for the ongoing project. We are going to hire 400 people from this job opening. Job Description As a transcriber, your workflow is: Listen to assigned audio task Type in what you hear from the audio by following the rules given The rate for this task is $15 per hour of audio We are looking for some candidates who: are natives in Thai have basic knowledge in English have a compatible laptop…
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Transcripción De Audios
De a cuerdo a las necesidades del cliente, utilizaré 3 tipos de transcripciones: *Transcripciones literales: Las transcripciones literales son aquellas que plasman con total exactitud aquello que se escucha. Esto quiere decir que al transcribir audio a texto incluiremos repeticiones, interjecciones y tartamudeos, entre otros. De esta forma, podemos comprender con qué entonación se dice cada frase y saber si alguien ha dudado en alguna respuesta, lo que es muy útil, por ejemplo, en declaraciones o juicios. *Transcripciones naturales: Si…
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