Relational Databases

Integración De Plataformas
La idea es poder llevar mensajes desde un sistema A a un sistema B utilizando servicios de Google y plataformas de comunicación para envío de SMS, WhatsApp, Correos y notificaciones Push.
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Urgetn: Generate A 1m Rows Dataset
I want this done tonight or tomorrow max Write a script that will generate a dataset that contains 1M records, there are a few correlations between the columns that I will explain for the bidders. I prefer writing the script in PHP, but if you can do it in other languages that is fine too.
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Core Php Full-stack Developer With Experiance In E-commerce
We do not want to collaborate with a company that has a project manager who will give task to other employees. We are looking for an independent technician, that we want to have a long-term collaboration, over several years. Not only this task we have listed here. So if you are a prosject manager. Please save us bouth time and dont bid. e-commerce – Shop. It's e-commerce project written on PHP with using our own-developed framework. The ideal candidate is…
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Full Stack Developer On A Monthly Contract (full Time)
Looking for a full stack developer to work full time for a early early stage starup full-time Must have requirements: -At least 2 years of full-stack development experience (personal projects count) -MERN/MEAN stack -Firebase Experience -Figma Experience -Critical thinker -Tenacity and passion for learning new things
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Sql Injection Vulnerability
I have a Full Stack web application in Node and Mysql and I need to fix the SQL Injection vulnerability and also need to exploit it using Insomnia or Postman. I need to get it done in an hour or so. PLEASE CONTACT ASAP !!!!
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Design Database Diagram (erd) For C2c Website
1. The site would have users who can list the advertisement (sellers) as well as contact other users for their ads (buyers). These user profiles would have name, address, contact info, username, password etc. 2. There are major advertisement categories and sub-categories. There will be 100s of sub-categories for the major categories (no nesting in the sub-categories further) 3. All the ads will have common attributes - description, images, address/location. 4. All the ads will also have their category specific…
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Normalización Base De Datos (1nf, 2nf, 3nf) Es Un Deber En Word
Alguien de aquí sabe Realizar ejercicios donde establezca el análisis relacional y la normalización base de datos (1NF, 2NF, 3NF) es un deber en Word sencillo para hoy son dos ejercicios.
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Build Website On Wordpress
The website should have following features: 1. Can display projects in database 2. Page to enter project details for new parties 3. User login using Social media (FB, Gmail) including capturing of user details from these sites. 4. Page to upload adhaar or govt card for verification purpose 5. Page to facilitate payment from users
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Ionic 4 Customized Design And Implementation Of Shopping Cart.
We have an existing app need to be expanded to include integrated shopping cart feature. We need design and implementation of the front end Ionic 4 and backend Java. The implementation will include tables design, entities, shopping cart processing. User operations include checkout, cancel and return. The delivery should include table design, Java entities, Ionic 4 pages.
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Urgent Small Database Project
Hello Very urgent need small database project to be done. You can apply right now so that you can be hired now Thanks
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