Hedge Fund Management

Hire A Wall Street Quant Trader
I wish to hire a accreditated quantitative analyst trader in order to create a cryptocurrency quantitative trading firm.
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Need Expert Who Well Know Var Model
The task you are given is to estimate the market risk for a 2 year Commonwealth government bond, held on September 2 , 2021 (you are working out the risk position assuming that you own the bond at the close of trading the previous day). You will do this by estimating the Value-at-Risk for the bond. This will require you to choose the best VaR model by backtesting several methods to determine the most reliable for the task at hand.
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Investing Money
I need an investor who wants to invest his own money to a trustworthy and honest person. I present to you this special offer. I am a genuine Muslim. For those who want to communicate with me, please kindly and thank you.
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I Need A Fundraising Expert/grant Writer
NJIKO is an Igbo word meaning “unity”. We are a start-up non-profit that is creating an altruistic platform that facilitates the connection and interaction of groups fighting social injustice. We are looking for an expert who wants to join us in our fight against Racism, Sexual Violence, Bullying, Domestic Violence, and many more. We are a community of like-minded individuals willing to volunteer our time and talents to this important cause. To get there, we are looking for a Fundraising…
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Expert Fund Raiser (gofundme Expert, Etc) Needed
Expert Fund Raiser (Gofundme expert, etc) Needed to Help Raise Agricultural Fund for Rural Education and Developmental Services/Projects I need an expert fund raiser (gofundme expert, etc) to help me raise funds to utilize (farm, etc) the arable lands in rural areas (villages) in order to educate them, for developmental projects/services for the villages, etc. The farming project will also help utilize the prisoners who are just kept in the prisons, not being fed well and not being deployed for…
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Connect Me With Investors
https://www.RunMaterials.com Looking for small operational and marketing budget. I need someone to connect me with an investor ready to turn a small investment into a large recurring one.
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Connect Me With Investors -- 2
https://www.RunMaterials.com Looking for small operational and marketing budget. I need someone to connect me with an investor ready to turn a small investment into a large recurring one.
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Investment Strategy Progressive Fund Raising ($10, $100m, $500m..) As Asset Based Security. 2 Power Point Presentations Required. 1) Investment Strategy For Sponsors Consumption 2) Fund Raising Deck As Investors Presentation
Build Functional Business Assets through buyouts, mergers & acquisitions, equity & debt investments in the companies with intangible assets that enable internet based transactions. Identify and invest in targets at early stages of growth to participate in exponential growth of their valuations, exit when at IPO or SPAC listings or next funding rounds which ever is earlier for 10X equity returns. Invest in unlisted space in those entities which are poised for substantial growth in their valuations Participate in the…
Full Description of Investment Strategy progressive fund raising ($10, $100M, $500M..)…
Irr Calculation
We seek a Financial Consultant to run IRR, TVPI and DPI calculations over our VC investment portfolio.
Full Description of IRR Calculation
Crowdfunding And Fundraising
We are building a project and now we need someone who can raise capital for our project or by finding angel investors or crowdfunding companies. Everyone has the ability to do it, tell me thanks
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Fund Raising Project Drafting
**EXPERIENCED PERSONS ONLY! SEO PAGE WRITING OR RESEARCH PAPER WRITERS NOT WANTED** When bidding for the job, do indicate in the subject line "FURASH" Otherwise you will be deemed as a bot and may be ignored. I need people who have experience drafting fundraising packs. You will be required to do indepth research on the project and business environment, some tips may be given but you are largely on your own for the research part. Deliverables: A powerpoint with infographics…
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