Equity Transaction Advice

Cryptocurrency Technical Analyst, Trading Operator
Prestin Ltd is looking for suitable candidates with Cryptocurrency Analysis and Trading experience. Candidates applying for this position should preferably work with Shift timings. Work from home option is available. Full time/Part-time positions are available. Experience in Spot Trading, Margin , Leverage and Future Trading. Knowledge of Technical Chart Reading of Crypto, Equity Stocks and Index, Placing trades in Crypto & Derivatives (Futures & Options). Keep in update with crypto projects and news. ** Required Skills ** Passionate about Financial…
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Contract Review
Dear all i am looking for a FL attorney, lawyer,legal to advise on an investment deal i signed. get all pros and cons and how i can break if necessary the contract
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Needed One Person From Germany
I needed one person from Germany he/she should be capable to post adverts. further detail will be shared through PMB.
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Nifty 50 Option Trading
I have good theoretical knowdlge of Option/Futures etc but never did any future trade on Nifty using Kotak Securities. Need some one to guide me how to trade Nifty 50 on Kotak securities website after taking control of my laptop through team viewer and explaining steps. It will not take more than 30 mins to do the same. As I said earlier that I have very good knowledge of financial fundamentals and trading in general so the process would be…
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500 Per Crore
500 Per Crore is one of the top 10 brokers offering equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, mutual funds, and IPO at the lowest trading brokerage charges in India. Open your Demat and Trading Account Online Today with an Easy Way of processing. We offer the best discount brokerage service in Chennai, India. Open your Sub Broker Franchise Account Online at Lowest Trading Brokerage Charges Online in India. Get the highest revenue sharing with additional benefits and no hidden charges. Open your…
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Business Startup And Contracts
1. We need to have two contracts (Disclaimer, Work for Hire) reviewed and drafted as need be. We have the sample write-up and contract. 2. We need someone that can give us guidance on the following scenario: We are in the process of running a reward-based crowdfunding campaign. We want to offer rewards to non-accredited donors as early investors in our future equity campaign. The reward options would be $100, $250, $500, and $1100, which would be doubled in the…
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Investment Advisor Influencer
www.finideas.com/ilts We want to explain this product to Investors. We want them to register free for webinar and learn this skill. We are confident that they will give us business after learning this.
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Be An Advisor! Can You?
If You Can Assist Us in • Building company culture • Implementing growth tactics • Finding investors • Implementing High-Quality Marketing and Sales Strategies • Acquiring and retaining employees • Planning or executing strategies And you are a High Qualified Chartered Accountant Business PhD IT and Web PhD Iron and Steel Business Specialist Apply in Confidence!
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Write Shareholders Agreement
My company registered in USA, I own 100% percentage of company, currently my friend want to be shareholder of my company by invest X dollar to get 20% of ownership of company. Who can help me to write such shareholders agreement ?
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Buchhaltung Für Startup Einführen
Aufbau eines Startup. Firmengründung (AG) steht kurz bevor. Ich suche eine erfahrene Buchhalterin oder Treuhänderin (m/f) zum Aufbau einer revisionierbaren Buchhaltung und zur operativen Führung während 6 Monaten. Pensum durchschnittlich 20% (?). Es existiert noch gar nichts für die Buchhaltung. Zusätzlich Beratung und Verträge bei Finanzierungen durch Investoren (Fremd- und Eigenkapital). Zwingend in der Schweiz, Raum Lenzburg, Wohlen, Bremgarten, Muri, Baden.
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Carta Equity Management And Data Room- Expand And Support The Solution
Mission: Further expand, configure, deploy, and support our Carta equity management solution for a high-growth technology company. Initial rollout to include ~20 staff and stakeholders. Solution to include: a configuration report; on-boarding guidance, training, and support resource provision and identification; validation of solution by users under actual conditions of real-world use. Experience, qualifications, and references in Carta equity management and data room solutions a must. Ability to do onsite training and work in La Jolla UTC California 92122 and/or Plano…
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Fix Protocol
I am looking for a freelancer to help me implement a FIX Protocol. Specifically, I need a Standard FIX Protocol implemented. I do not currently have any FIX Protocol specification documents, so it is important that the person I hire is qualified and experienced in this field. The FIX Protocol will be used for automated execution, so it must be robust and robustly tested before implementation. Any freelancer who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area will likely be a…
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Loan Advice
Need a solicitor to sign off on a bridging loan application and dot the eyes and cross the tees.
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