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Credit Repair Team
I NEED A SUPERIOR DISPUTER THAT - know how to write and communicate clear English - Know how to use CRC - Know how to work with the FTC. - Know how to freeze Client's account using LexisNexis and Sagestream, Corelogic etc - Know how to send out letters by using: * Letterstream * lob stream * Humble Fax * Hello Fax * Faxplus * Ring Central * Know how to do Experian upload. * CFPB know the process in…
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South Regions Financial Literacy Solutions Llc
Hey I'm Tim I'm 29 I was looking for a logo or design I'm starting my Credit repair and financial literacy class business.Im also in business with estate, trucking, music management, and an auto service I'm tryin have one name and logo for all as one these are the different solutions we operate. I
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I Am Looking For Credit Analyst, Credit Repair Expert
Evaluating clients’ credit data and financial statements in order to determine the degree of risk involved in lending money to them Preparing reports about the degree of risk in lending money to clients Analyzing client records and using the data to recommend payment plans Conferring with credit associations and references to exchange credit information on clients Evaluating the financial status of clients by producing financial ratios through computer programs Filling out loan applications and including the credit analysis and loan…
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Creative Writing For Website
Fill in these sections with creative thinking and writing for a credit repair company describe every bullet point in depth I have given brief descriptions its up to you to bring it to life. a little knowledge about me. I always wanted to help people and I learned that in my community people were limited to plenty of things due to little or no knowledge of credit . I learned how credit can be beneficial to life if you utilize…
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Credit Repair Specialist
A credit repair processor wherein in charge of auditing, analyzing, and updating credit reports, generate dispute letters and send out through Letterstream. Inform clients through email or text if they missed documents to submit, encoding, and updating data information through the system. to Can do a suppress freeze in Lexis Nexis, Sagestream, Core Logic, and other secondary bureaus. Filing FTC report through online and CFBP complaint. Update the client regarding the credit score result after each round of dispute. Knowledgeable…
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Looking For An Amazing Sales Rep For Credit Repair
Dream Credit 360 is looking for a sales rep, who will close inquiring customers and has great English and writing skills. potentially looking for a confident Exec Assistant
Credit Repair
Looking for someone who does credit sweep need a hood worker
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Lead Generation For Credit Repair.
I am looking for someone that can generate hot leads for credit repair in the United States. This will be a business partnership and not a freelance gig. We will be working together permanently. You will generate the leads and I will repair the persons credit and we will split the money. This is a very big opportunity for someone. You just need to be serious and take a leap of faith. We can draw up contracts and you will…
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Barkley’s Claimed No Payment When I Did Pay.
Hello, My name is Eric Buterbaugh and I need help proving to Barclays that I made electronic payments and did not miss payments, which were reported to and damaged my credit. I made two electronic payments to Barclays on July 7th and August 5th. They reported no payments for two months which effected my credit score greatly. My credit score went from 780 to 700. I have electronically receipts for the payments. I contacted Barclays and they started an investigation…
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Analista De Crédito
Usted realizará análisis financiero para una pequeña empresa que se dedica a tramitar préstamos para empleados del gobierno en Costa Rica. Su labor será, con los parámetros de crédito que le serán dados, realizar análisis de riesgo y determinar la viabilidad de los créditos. Recibirá información sensible y clasificada con la que hará el análisis, determinando salario bruto, salario neto, porcentaje de riesgo, monto a prestar, tasa de interés, cuota y otras variables. Usted tiene al menos cinco años de…
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Part-time Credit Repair Specialist
Looking for a longtime CREDIT REPAIR SPECIALIST. Experience ONLY but willing to do light training. Duties will include onboarding clients, send credit audits, familiar with CREDIT REPAIR CLOUD in order to send dispute letters, biweekly follow up, continuous education, answer emails, and other duties willing to train that involves credit repair. This is a permanent position. Would be great if you have a team. Please put in your offers. This is a part time weekly job.
Credit Repair Expert Needed To Review Credit Repair Course
This is a one-off project. I will need a credit repair expert with proven experience in helping American consumers with their credit. You will review a DIY credit repair course for accuracy & effectiveness. It is about 2 - 3 hours of video, with some worksheets and dispute letters. You will need to report to me on which parts of the course are inaccurate, and whether the course would be effective in helping someone improve their credit score and why.…
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Necesito Un Residente De España
Necesito un residente en España que tenga una tarjeta de crédito y pueda generar una tarjeta de crédito en línea para mí. ya que necesito verificar algunas cuentas en un sitio web donde requiere que se verifique con una tarjeta de crédito de España. Los valores oscilan entre 1 y 2 euros, y se reembolsan tras la recogida. el único trabajo del freelancer es informarme de los datos de la tarjeta (puedes limitar el precio de compra a 3 euros)
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