Part Time Scripts Writers Position
We are a game company, engaging in an interactive story game named Scripts: untold Secrets. If you want to know more about it, you can download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play. So far, we have produced a lot of excellent interactive stories in-game which is a great platform for writers and readers who enjoy interactive stories. We are looking for writers working with a team of editors and illustrators to develop fictional interactive stories. If you…
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I Need A Writer
I need a writer who can understand what I say and put those into beautiful words which can melt the person other side who is reading. I want to express how I feel. That's what this is all about Expressing the feeling.
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Hiring A Spokesperson For A Course Type Video
Hello! I'm Bianca from and I'm looking for a spokesperson who can be the face and voice of a 1.5 to 2 hr long course we're putting together. - LinkedIn Learning type of course - 1.5 to 2 hours total talking time or about 11,700 to 15,600 words total Please feel free to message me so I can provide pegs and a brief.
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Male Actor Needed
Looking for a man to assist with a short film project through some acting. No experience is needed but must be confident, enthusiastic, and ok with nudity. Audition needed as part of interview.
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I Want An Anime Script Writer For Youtube Videos
you need to have detail knowledge of at least 3 of dragon ball ,naruto , one piece, jujutsu kaisen , deamon slayer, need to writ script like you are talking to the viewers and if u give me script copy pasted from any google site i will report you to freelancer...start your bid with anime shows you know about otherwise no reply ..budget is 500rs for 10 min script ...only bid if u accept
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Children's Series Script Writer - (ai Theme)
I would like to hire a script writer for children's series. The theme is Artificial intelligence. I'd go into more details with appropriate candidates.
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Storytelling Advice Needed For A Short Film
I have a youtube channel in which I make videos about a particular musical instrument I'm interested in. Some of these videos have done very well, and I'm about to make a new one about a musical instrument I've invented, and will make. I don't want it to be a technical 'how-to' video, and would like to speak to someone about how to turn this into a story.
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Virtual Screenwriter Assistant
Completed DFT in Screenplay & Direction and in need for a ghost writer to feed my thoughts on paper. Have an Idea ! Need Help in Executing it with a Bound Script Help me out in drafting a Feature length Screenplay (Synopsis & Treatment)
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True Genesis
I am an author and researcher of African American Studies. I wrote a book called True Beginnings: An African Perspective, by Dianne Harper. My book is based on research done to confirm the origination of the African race based on DNA evidence, the biblical book of Genesis leading to the flood when African DNA was wiped out, and how DNA resumed with the survival of Noah and his family. I have been told that my book is very powerful and…
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External Writers
We are the company behind an interactive story game called “Scripts”.  It is a heavily story-driven game which focuses on romance and steamy stories targeting mostly female readers around age 18-35. It also can be considered as a platform for interactions between writers and readers, which has attracted many writers to join in and readers to immerse themselves in our exciting stories. Our ideal candidates can create stories with interesting characters and compelling narratives, and are able to follow the…
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