Beta Reading

Beta Reader/query Expert
I am currently looking for a professional beta reader and query expert, I have a novel of approximately 55000 words that I need help with. Please feel free to reach out to me with any offers or questions, thanks!
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Book Readers Wanted -- 2
I need people US located to read and leave an honest review on my books. I'll cover all the fees, so you like reading contact me pls
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한국 여자 목소리 필요함
저는 한국 여자 목소리를 구합니다 . 아주 간단한 내용을 읽고 녹음 하면 돼요 . 할 수 있는 분은 연락해 주세요 .
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Desiree - The Day The Men First Came
It's about a young lady called Desiree in Western Nigeria. It's set in the past though the particular era or time is not mentioned or fixed. Her village is pillaged by some people and her and her friends/family are enslaved. With their future uncertain, she has to deal with betrayal, love, friendship and a devastating events that almost destroys her. It's written in the voice of Desiree, though sometimes, she lends her voice to the other main characters who also…
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I Need A Beta Reader For My Novel Over 88000words
Would you please let me know if you can beta read my Novel? Some info on my book 88000 Premises: An Afghan girl struggles to get an education and fulfill the promise she made to her mom. Goals: 1-To take her blind brother for Surgery in India 2-To establish a women clinic in her village
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Bet Siteleri Için Aktif Vip Kullanıcı Datası.
Websitenize profesyonel ekiple kolayca çağırabileceğiniz VIP kullanıcı dataları sizlerle olacaktır. Gerekli konuşmalar yapıldıktan sonra kullanıcılar kolaylıkla sitenizi tercih edecektir. Aktif bir sitenin kullanıcı datasıdır. Satılmasının sebebi ise sitenin aktif olmamasıdır. 30.000'e yakın kullanıcı ve yaklaşık 5.000'i milyon üzerinde yatırımı mevcuttur. Detaylar için tg meteayverdi adresinden bana ulaşabilirsiniz. Telegram üzerinden ulaştığınız takdirde kısa sürede dönüş yapılacak ve segmente göre bilgi verilecektir. Gereksiz ve spam mesaj atmayınız lütfen.
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Lectura Y Grabación De Libro
Necesito que una persona lea el libro en voz alta y grabe su voz. (El libro se adjunta a continuación y se llama: "101 casos prácticos de derecho civil"). La idea es crear un audiolibro, es un libro de casos prácticos de derecho. La persona que haga la lectura me deberá enviar los archivos de voz.
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заполнение анкеты
500рублей за регистрацию аккаунта 300 за приведённого друга ♦️Инструкция прилагается ♦️Только 18+,СНГ Ваша задача: зарегистрировать аккаунт на сайте и подтвердить личность с помощью паспорта или водительского удостоверения. Нужно будет сделать фотографию документа, а затем лица. Фото прописки или с документами у лица делать НЕ нужно. Ваши документы/фото и личная информация мне не попадёт, аккаунты используются в легальных целях - участие в лотереях. На создание аккаунта у вас уйдет 20 минут вашего времени. Время верификации же занимает до 7 суток. Это…
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Beta Readers - American English Native Speakers Only
Important information: if you bid on this project I will consider your bid to be final and unchangeable. Bellow you can find all the information you need to make an informed judgment about the project. Therefore, bid with a fair value. I will not accpet that you change it later. I have a book, already printed, but it's a very limited edition (author's proof). I'm seeking one or two beta readers to give me an honest feedback. What I hope…
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Book Beta Reader
Read a nonfiction novel (381 pages) and fill out a brief electronic survey.
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Looking For A Beta Reader For My Novel
My novel is titled The Walk Off, and it’s a 100,000 word humor novel with light sci-fi elements about a high school baseball coach who wanders away from his team on a road trip to smoke a joint and finds a secret, utopian society living in the woods.
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I Need A Beta Reader Professional
i’m writing a poetry book and I want an outside I to give me its opinion and feedback
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Beta Read Manuscript--- Please Read Description
Needing someone to BETA read and give critical feedback on a manuscript of novel, 100,600 words. Manuscript contains sensitive topics* Please bit on project with your actual cost. Not the minimum, please don't ask me my budget, just give me your price and I judge from there. Must be experienced in this and fluent in English. I do not need editing, just feedback.
Beta Read Manuscript--- Please Read Description -- 2
Needing BETA read done and full critical feedback, negative and positive. - do not need editing. 100,900 words. Small budget, not huge, $200 AUD. Fluent English and have done BETA read before.
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