Looking For English To Marathi Translators
Hello, Hope this post finds you well. We are looking for English to Marathi translator for an upcoming project. You have to work on our online portal that is Prabandhak. You have to give a sample test for quality check. Please bid with your per word price.
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Translate Marathi Book To Hindi -- 2
I need a translation of a marathi book to hindi. It is required for research work. I am attaching first some pages of the book. It's a small book of around 110 pages. I will give the whole book if required. Please let me know if you can do this on priority within next 5-7 days. I am pretty sure that it won't take more than that. Even if it takes, we can talk on that.
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Required Marathi To English Translator To Write Social Media Posts
I am looking for translator to translate my social media posts from marathi to english . there will be average one post each day . each post will be of around 500 characters . Freelancer can bid on 2 basis : 1. per post basis 2. or a fixed monthly price for 45 posts . Note :" 1. This job don't require research or any other time consuming activity 2. I will give text on whats app , and freelancer…
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Need English To Marathi Translator -- 3
Hello, Greetings from Verbolabs!! We have a requirement of translators for the English to Marathi (only native ) language for our upcoming project. Please let me know if you are interested,we'll assign you a sample test on the basis that we'll assign you a true project. Kindly note that the sample test is unpaid.
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Need A Experienced Loft 2.0 Transcriber For Hindi, Kannada, Marathi , Telugu, Malayalam Language
Hello everyone... I’m looking for Hindi, kannada, Marati, Telugu and Malayalam transcribers. The pay would be 1800 rupees per audio hour. I want people who have - good internet - own PC - willing to work for 5-6 hours per day - good commitment towards work required . Only serious candidates bid for job. Also, Only person to bid in Previous experience in LOFT 2.0 tool.
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Edtech Translation And Proof Reading-choose Your Pair And Bid Accordingly
We have a long term project for Indian languages. We are looking for translators for 1.Hindi 2.Gujarati 3.Marathi 4. Oriya 5.Bengali 6.Kannada 7.Malayalam 8. Tamil 9. Telugu 10. Assamese 11. Punjabi. If someone is ready to work in this long term project, please bid along with their choice of work
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Create Video Subtitle In Marathi
Hello, I need a native Marathi speaker. I have a video. Total duration 11 minutes. I need subtitles in the video. I will provide you the script in Marathi and you have to add the subtitles. My budget is fixed 200/= for this job. Deadline ASAP
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Translate This Brief Marathi Covid-19 Public Information Campaign For Me, Please
I am looking at different COVID-19 messaging strategies around the world. In this instance, I am looking at a COVID-19 information van that was used in Nagpur, India. I am looking for someone to professionally translate the few sentences on this truck. I would also like a transcription of Marathi and the English translation. My friend who speaks Marathi has advised me in her preliminary translations that the words used are from a local dialect of Marathi. Example: [White text…
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फोन कॉल्स अटेंड करणे, माहिती घेणे फॉलोअप घेणे
फोन कॉल द्वारे माहिती घेणे मिळालेली माहिती एक्सेल शीट मध्ये अपडेट करणे आणि अपूर्ण माहिती असल्यास किंवा आणखी काही माहिती उपलब्ध असल्यास ती देखील एक्सेल शीट मध्ये भरणे अशा स्वरूपाचे काम आहे रिअल इस्टेटमधील उपलब्ध प्रॉपर्टीज ची माहिती फोन द्वारे घेऊन एक्सेल शीट मध्ये भरणे आवश्यक राहील फोन कॉल्स स्वीकारून आवश्यकतेनुसार फॉलो घेऊन माहिती घेणे असेही या कामाचे स्वरूप आहे
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Marathi Translators
We are looking for LP translators who would like to collaborate with us for our one of the biggest projects coming soon. As we require large number of resources (both male and female) for this project, you can provide us with the references of your family members, relatives and/or friends who would like to work on the same. Rate :- 0.20 Paisa Per Word We need TRANSLATORS with experience in the Technical/Engineering related content.
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Need English To Marathi Translators -- 2
Hello!! Hope this post finds you well. We are looking for English to Marathi translators for our ongoing project. You have to work on our Online Portal. We have 3 Lakh words in Engineering and Mathematical Content, Which needs to be translated. Looking forward for your bids.
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Lead Generation For My Website
Online business portal to conduct all your business sales and purchase activities.
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Translate Form Marathi And Hindi
My laungaage marathi hindi translate from project to over all launage because best job inlife part time
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Marathi Dtp Work
Hello, I need a person who can type a Marathi in word for very small projects
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