Asistente En Argentina
Necesito a alguien que me averigüe algo en una localización en Buenos Aires, don torcuato, con alguien con quien necesito comunicarme.
Full Description of Asistente en argentina
Latin Translator
I have Documents that currently have English i need to translate it to Latin language. I have two files that contains strings of text that used in website interface. Files are in CSV format, they contain 3 columns: Latin, English translation and Latin translation. Your job is to fill Latin translation column. Note that not all strings are translated in English, but dont worry, im only asking to translate English words.
Full Description of Latin translator
English To Latin
Looking for a native Latin translator to translate 6000 words . You need a high quality human translation . No Google translations or software are allowed .
Full Description of English to Latin
Latin Medical Documents Transcribing
A medical personnel and professional is needed to transcribe some medical documents for accurate publications
Full Description of Latin Medical documents transcribing
Latin Analyst
A decent and good writer proficient in Latin is needed for a one time assignment to convert articles in Latin
Full Description of Latin analyst
I Need A Spanish Translator Who Speaks Broadcast Spanish Understood By People In Latin America And Spain
I need a Spanish translator who can translate in broadcast Spanish, that is easily understood by people in Latin America and Spain. There are a total of 2 jobs: Job #1: 2,000 words - Due Mon, 4 April Job #2: 3,000 words - Due Mon, 25 April Would like to check if the timeline is reasonable, and what are the rates we are looking at
Full Description of I need a Spanish translator who speaks broadcast…
English To Latin Translator Needed Urgently
We are looking for a native-Latin speaker to translate pdf pages from English to Latin (modern). This translation must be grammatically correct as it will be customer-facing. 245 PDFs and it should be a fairly straightforward task for someone with translation experience (2-3 days). The document will be sent to you if/when you are chosen for the job. Using free internet translation services (i.e. Google translate) is unacceptable.
Full Description of English to Latin Translator needed urgently
Mujer Latina
Me encuentro interesada en el proyecto, soy de nacionalidad latina, mas específicamente colombiana y estaría encantada de participar en este.
Full Description of Mujer latina
Interpretes Latini Instanter Opus
HellI Ego postulo aliquem qui me adiuvare possit ut linguam Latinam in Latinam transferas, tam indigenam oratorem Latinam instanter requirens
Full Description of Interpretes Latini instanter opus
Latin Worksheet
I need help with this Latin worksheet. The Latin terms must be parallel with our book "Wheelocks Latin" and cannot use other definitions outside the book. Also, the Latin to English translation should be a literal translation. I provided an examples to help.
Full Description of Latin worksheet
Latin American Cultures Project
Need an expert who can complete a project on the mentioned topic. Additional knowledge on Spanish Language is appreciated. Deadline --- ASAP
Full Description of Latin American Cultures Project
Latin Project
Need a Latin language expert who has knowledge of Latin American Cultures and can apply the knowledge for completing a project. The project is needed to be completed asap. Budget-- Negotiate
Full Description of Latin Project
Latin Tutores Requiri
Linguae Latinae perito eget qui scientias Latinarum Americanarum habet et scientiam ad consilium perficiendum applicare potest. Cogitatum opus est ut discendo perficiatur. Budget-- Negotiate
Full Description of Latin tutores requiri
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