Winforms Metro Design Framework
I have a small VB.Net project in Visual Studio consisting of 18 forms, which allow a user to make changes in a database. I want to have these forms re-designed using Metro Design Framework. I am particularly interested in seeing the various options the Metro Design Framework object model has to offer, so I would like every tile and every form to showcase the different features Metro UI has to offer. E.g. embedding images or other information in tiles. I…
Full Description of Winforms Metro Design Framework
Integrate Custom-fonts In Expo/next.js-monorepo-setup With Ui Kitten (metro)
I have cloned a monorepo-repository with expo and Next.js - I added "UI Kitten". I now have to integrate a custom font to the repository, but the monorepo-setup makes it difficult. It's explained here: Goals: * UI Kittens `mapping.js` should be loaded via `@ui-kitten/metro-config` in `metro.config.js` when using expo. * The font should be usable in Next.js, as well as in expo. I will provide you with a github repository.
Full Description of Integrate Custom-Fonts in Expo/Next.js-Monorepo-Setup With UI Kitten (Metro)
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