Boat And Rv Storage
RV storage with open and canopy availability on 2 course impervious surface with detention pond. Ingress/ egress design for shared entry with the neighboring community, in cooperation with TX Dot.
Full Description of Boat and RV Storage
[urgent] Curling Stress Using Kenpave -- 2
I need some help from a professional who knows KENPAVE well. I need him to analyze curling stresses in Rigid Pavement. Thanks
Full Description of [URGENT] Curling Stress using KENPAVE -- 2
[urgent] Kenpave
Anyone who knows KENPAVE may bid for this project. I need you to analyze curling stress using KENPAVE.
Full Description of [URGENT] KENPAVE
Civil Engineering - Pavement, Literature Review Paper Help
Title of the paper: Review on Additives and Admixtures to Improve the Resistance of Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt Against Moisture Damage. We have created an excel sheet to summarize the sources which we are going to use in the review paper, we already have 15 sources listed in the excel sheet. You are requested to find 20 more sources, journal articles or research papers Q1 or Q2 & within the last 5 years and add them to the excel…
Full Description of Civil Engineering - pavement, literature review paper help
Literature Review Paper In Civil Engineering - Pavement
Hello, I need help with a review paper, preferably from a civil engineer or an expert in pavement. Paper title: Review on Additives and Admixtures to Improve the Resistance of Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt against Moisture Damage. You are requested to write for me one section of the paper (section 5): 5. Additives and admixtures used to mitigate moisture damage 5.1. Liquid anti-strip agent 5.2. Mineral’s additives I have attached 23 sources to be used, and an excel sheet…
Full Description of Literature Review Paper in Civil Engineering - Pavement
Using Faarfield Software, Design A Flexible Pavement Structure And Rigid Pavement Stucture
Using FAARFIELD software, design a flexible pavement structure for a main runway considering the following materials and traffic mix. Using FAARFIELD software, design a rigid pavement structure for a main runway considering the following materials and traffic mix.
Full Description of Using FAARFIELD software, design a flexible pavement structure…
Use The Software Aashtoware, To Do An Exercise And Screen-record/take A Video Of It Steps By Step
Hello, I have an assignment in pavement, using the AASHTOWare software. The details of the assignment, are attached. Please make sure you have access to the software first. This should not take more than 30 minutes. You are required to submit the following: - the excel and pdf output files indication different simulated pavement performance indicators (IRI, Bottom-up Fatigue Cracking, Top-down Fatigue Cracking, AC Rutting. Total Rutting, and Transverse Cracking) against design criteria for each performance indicator. - A video…
Full Description of Use the software AASHTOWare, to do an exercise…
Front And Back Yard Landscape/masonry Design -- 2
I am interested in landscape and masonry design and installation for my house. Looking at the front and back yards. Back yard is roughly 45’x30’, we are interested in adding a concrete patio, parking pad, dog run and small grass area. Front yard we want to add a side concrete walk. Existing grass is fine to keep.
Full Description of Front and back yard landscape/masonry design -- 2
Pavement Analysis -civil
I’m looking for Civil Engineer to carry out road pavement analysis using Rubicon Toolbox. The road is an existing one undergoing rehabilitation, and the road is approximately 12km
Full Description of Pavement Analysis -Civil
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