Lawn Mowing

Yard Work, Mow, Trim
Yard is overgrown due to some family health issues and needs a good mow and trim.
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Looking For Private Legal Lawyer
Hi There, Are you a legal firm or lawyer in UK . Can you handle my university case. The problem is old happened in 2019. I faced a huge loss. I want to fight for compansation. The university's personal complaint period is limited to 90 days so we cannot do an informal complaints to get a COP letter because time has gone. The cop letter usually helps us to step forward and file a case to AIW or Ombudsman authorities.…
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استشارة قانونية
احتاج محامي عراقي او عربي يفهم بالقوانين العراقية للاستشارة في قضية
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Delivery Service
I am 18 years old with a reliable car can deliver anywhere at anytime or set up other deliverys for people.
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The King Of Law
كل شئ عن القانون بصفه عامه واى استشارات قانونيه لما يهمهم
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The King Of Law -- 2
الاستشارات القانونيه المفيده لكل الاعضاء مع بيان كافه التفاصيل الممكنه لكل عضو على حسب الاستشاره
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Property Management (usa)
A remote Job We're seeking a property manager who will be in charge of overseeing the management of allocated housing communities. The goal is to increase asset value, customer satisfaction, and revenue as much as possible. Responsibilities Manage all facets of the properties you've been given. Inspect and schedule maintenance to ensure that standards are met. Maintain a good working connection with your tenants. Leases must be negotiated in a timely and dependable manner. To attract tenants, advertise and promote…
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Alper_7373_ -- 2
Merhaba Programmatis, profilinizi farkettim ve size projemi teklif etmek isterim. Detayları sohbet üzerinden tartışabiliriz.
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Mow Lawn And Remove Vines From Fence
I need someone to mow the front and back lawn at my house and pull vines off the back fence and trees. the yard is 12x15m2 at the back and the front is about 2x6m on either side of the driveway. The grass is long. The vine has grown over the whole back fence and into the macadamia tree and needs to be pulled down.
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Get Back Money From Developing Indian Company
many years ago i have paid 2000$ to an indian company to develop booking system , but they didnt do anything and did not return back money , i have contract and also receipt of payment , i need indian lawyer to get back my money.
Full Description of get back money from developing indian company
Alper_7373_ -- 3
Merhaba Programmatis, profilinizi farkettim ve size projemi teklif etmek isterim. Detayları sohbet üzerinden tartışabiliriz.
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Gardening / Lawn
Looking for a really proper tidy up, maybe some new planting. The front yard, please quote for a tidy of the front yard, there are rocks there but maybe we just black mulch over them. And an additional quote for removal of all the shrubs /tree and planting of a couple of new smaller shrubs inline with the fence height. The backyard, remove weeds from garden bed and surrounds, trim hedge along the fence. Thanks
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Lawn Mowing
Lawn mowing a front yard. Less than 30 sqm
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