Flyscreen Installation

Replace/install Cat Proof Flyscreens
We have a number of fly screens in our house that the cats have broken through. Most I replaced to be pet proof mesh, but then they figured out if they applied enough force they can push out the spline. Hence we need strong screens to be able to withstand some very determined escape artists. Photos and measurements are in the attached PDF.
Full Description of Replace/install cat proof flyscreens
Re-install Security Screen Window
Occupant kicked in the security a kitchen window security screen to gain access. Outside frame has been damaged. Need to put it back in and secure it again.
Full Description of Re-install security screen window
Dual Screen Making/dual Screen Holder
Looking dual screen attached with Laptop. Joined two screen together. Or making two screen holder which should be attached to Laptop. I can share proto type in personal
Full Description of Dual Screen Making/Dual Screen holder
Flyers Design For A Buisness
I need a flyers crates designer to handle a job that should be done for a buisness purpose
Full Description of flyers design for a buisness
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