Drone Photography

Interview Videography
DreamCube are a full-service video marketing company based in Melbourne. This project is for a videographer in Canberra who owns their own equipment. At minimum a 4k camera (not smartphone), tripod, light and lav mic. It's a straightforward testimonial interview with a client. Questions will be provided, all you need to do is set the camera, audio and lighting up to record, then stand next to the camera asking the questions. Filming shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes on-site.…
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Fotografía Con Drone
Tomar 3 fotografías con drone (diferentes ángulos) de una planta .
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Find Online Photos Of Strangler Figs In Slums (banyan, Bo, Bhodi). 18 Hour Limit
I need someone to search the web for me and find some photos. I need 10-20 photos of.... **Strangler figs in Slums.** I am seeking photos that clearly show fig trees in poor urban spaces. This project should be pretty easy. You just need to search the web for me for some photos. I need the project completed in 18 hours. Photos must be Strangler figs and they must be in slums (or any disadvantaged urban space). Photos must be…
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I Need A Drone Photographer
I need a drone photographer in River Cetina, Dalmatia (Southern Croatia) area to capture pictures for me.
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Elopement In Kiama
We are getting eloped on the 30th of August 2021, We will need a photographer and videographer (Ideally with a drone)
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Portrait Photos For Business Use
I am Looking for portrait photos of myself at work and at the beach which will be used for my business website, and social media. I am an financial advisor that wants to convey beach living as my company is based in Long Beach but also want to highlight business professionalism .
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Need freelance Photographer cum Videographer with drone for showroom shooting and photography in Jaipur.
Full Description of Photographer/Videographer
Need A Cinematographer
We need an arial cinematography having sound knowledge of drone and having his own drone .
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Shree Raghav Sarkar
Shri Raghavji Shri Sitaram Ji Maharaj is the favorite of the whole world, Shri Raghavji, if any of your work has stopped, then please remember my Thakurji and do the stopped work immediately. Raghavji is the master of this world. There is a world, there is no one greater than him, no work is complete without him, as long as he wants, then only he will be able to do whatever he wants, you will not be able to do…
Full Description of Shree Raghav sarkar
Photographs And Videography -- 2
we are building company and need photographer who have knowledge building market and can deliver photos and videos of our properties These properties are very high end and need someone skilled who can deliver wow factor because we will use these for our new website
Full Description of photographs and videography -- 2
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