Bracket Installation

Freelance Electrical Installers Needed
We need electrical installers who can carry out: Data cabling, CCTV, Audio-visual, Access Control and Electrical work on an ongoing basis for ad-hoc projects. Training provided.
Full Description of Freelance electrical installers needed
Re-install Security Screen Window
Occupant kicked in the security a kitchen window security screen to gain access. Outside frame has been damaged. Need to put it back in and secure it again.
Full Description of Re-install security screen window
Instalar Lona De Sombra
Instalar lona de sombra en la cochera de mi casa. La cochera es de dos carros y la lona cubre la mitad o más. Instalar en concreto o al protección de la ventana
Full Description of Instalar lona de sombra
I Need To Install Tv And Surround Sound System
I need to install 5.1 surround sound system in the carpeted basement. I have amplifier and also the required cables but may need you to advise what else I may need before someone comes over to install it actually. Everything I have is 16-18 years old. I need to instal over the weekend of 27-28 Aug preferably. Thanks. I would say the area is 5 .5 meters X 6-7 meters. I don’t need to conceal wires inside the walls but…
Full Description of I need to install TV and surround sound…
Build Me A Website
From Scratch: Code editor (like Brackets Links to an external site.) --> HTML and CSS pages; You can build on your HTML & CSS skills . You could use some popular front-end web development frameworks and toolsets like Bootstrap Links to an external site., Foundation Links to an external site., Pure CSS Links to an external site., and Normalize.css Links to an external site..
Full Description of build me a website
Murphy Bed Installation
Murphy Bed Installation on Drywall I am looking for a professional to install my pre-purchased Murphy Bed on drywall. The ideal candidate should have experience in installing murphy beds and working with drywall. Requirements: - Experience in Murphy Bed installation - Knowledge of working with drywall - Attention to detail - Ability to ensure the bed is securely installed Additional Information: - No additional features needed with installation - The Murphy Bed has already been purchased and is ready to…
Full Description of Murphy Bed Installation
Sensor Installation
I am looking for a freelancer to install sensors in a commercial property. The number of sensors that need to be installed is more than 20. The task requires the freelancer to be experienced in sensor installation and should have the necessary equipment to get the job done. The project will need to be completed in a timely fashion and the freelancer should be ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement if requested.
Full Description of sensor installation
Technician For A Touchwall Installation
Project Description: Technician for Interactive Display Installation - We are seeking a technician to assist with the installation of an interactive display for Singapore Fintech which happens on 15th November. - The technician should have experience in handling and mounting projectors and sensors, as well as knowledge in Touch Designer. - This job will include the dismantling all the hardware on 17th November after 7PM at Singapore Expo. - Good communication skills and the ability to work efficiently within a…
Full Description of Technician for a Touchwall Installation
Instaltions Of Overhead Patient Hoists And Specialist Baths
NHM is currently seeking a qualified individual to undertake the installation of overhead patient hoists and specialised baths at our client's facilities. The scope of work involves the installation of ceiling hoists and specialized baths, and no purchase is necessary as NHM will supply these items. We anticipate the need for installation in approximately 1-3 locations. The ideal candidate for this position should possess relevant experience in this type of installation and feel at ease working with specialized equipment. This…
Full Description of Instaltions of overhead patient hoists and specialist baths
Fix And Install Monitor Arms To A Table
I am looking for an experienced professional to fix and install monitor arms to a metal standing desk. I have all the necessary tools for the job, and need 2 monitor arms to be installed. The monitors will be connected to the table so they can be adjusted up and down. They should also be securely attached to the table at the right height. If you have the knowledge and experience to complete this task, then I look forward to…
Full Description of Fix and install monitor arms to a table
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