Ti Cc2652 Zigbee Application
I need software for a CC2652 chip from TI. The chip should function as a zigbee end device and be able to do the following: - run periodic probes on a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor through the sensor controller studio (10 readings once an hour). I have a working sensor controller studio project if needed. - upon pressing a button, the device should automatically join an existing zigbee network. When flashing the chip, it should be possible to define the PAN…
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Add New Device Support For Zigbee2mqtt
Nothing fancy. We just need someone work with us to add support for a certain device into zigbee2mqtt. We have all the necessary technical documents with us as well as the sniffed traffic between the official app and the end device (Zigbee IR Blaster)
Full Description of Add new device support for Zigbee2mqtt
Add New Device Support For Zigbee2mqtt -- 2
Nothing fancy. We just need someone work with us to add support for a certain device into zigbee2mqtt. We have all the necessary technical documents with us as well as the sniffed traffic between the official app and the end device (Zigbee IR Blaster). **Knowledge of "Zigbee2mqtt" is a must! Proficiency in javascript, nodejs and zigbee are also part of the requirement. As this is a relatively small project and we are actually looking to work closely with the other…
Full Description of Add new device support for Zigbee2mqtt -- 2
Implement A Simple Zigbee Mesh Network Using Nordic Pca 10056 Board
I want a simple implementation of a Zigbee mesh network using: Nordic PCA 10056 board as a coordinator PCA 10056 board as a Router PCA 10059 dongles as multiple nodes (End Devices) It's as simple as it sounds. dongles should connect to the router which is connected to the coordinator (the protocol that should be followed, you might as well disguard the router and add it later) later on, I need simple functions that the dongles could use to send…
Full Description of Implement a simple Zigbee mesh network using Nordic…
Electrical And Pcb Design For A Project
Short Summary .) µC .) ZigBee .) Phase control (for ~2000W) .) 4 Led Control for more Details please contact me.
Full Description of Electrical and PCB Design for a Project
Efr32mg21 Zigbee /temperature Protocol Dallas
Hello , We need develppment on processor EFR32MG21 Zigbee with temperature protocol Dallas
Full Description of EFR32MG21 Zigbee /temperature protocol Dallas
Software For µc And Cc2530
Project scope Creation of a basic module for communication with the CC2530. Status query New connection Send data Receive data
Full Description of Software for µC and CC2530
Silab Zigbee Help
I need someone to help me to create an example of application of zigbee with Wireless Geko from Silicon lab and Home Assistant (Home assistant is an Pi3 with Zigbee usb key as coordinator). Hardware used is MGM220 Wireless Geko Module starter kit. Software used : Simplicity Studio 5 with SDK EmberZNET We could start with Zigbee MinimalSoc The example have to be enter in integration mode on push button Send informations to Home assistant (Example temp Sensor on board…
Full Description of SiLab Zigbee help
Jeedom + Zigbee Configuration
I need to configure a jeedom home automation environment with a usb key with conBee II so that I recognize a thermo-hygrometer and an electrical outlet, in addition to configure an mqtt agent to send this information to a broker, I need the person to have previous experience to be able to get this out in hours, not on weeks This opens doors for new requests
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Zigbee Product Integration + Cloud Platform + Mobile App
We sell a smart smoke alarm, powerd with batteries, which has integrated into it a ZigBee module. We need the CHEAPSEST solution to offer our customers this product sending fire alarm notifications and to be put on pause via Internet/mobile application. We can provide the ZigBee module documentation. The product is integrated by other sellers like us with ZigBee+Cloud+Gateway but we need our own solution.
Full Description of ZigBee product integration + cloud platform + mobile…
Silabs Zigbee
Using Silabs Simplicity Studio 5 create EmberZNet SOC ZigBee Coordinator and ZigBee Router project to run on a MGM210P032J1A2 module. The projects do not need to be ZigBee compliant and will not interact with any other devices. The router is to join the network started by the coordinator and needs to transmit a block of 50 bytes of raw data using emberSendRawMessage() to the coordinator every 10 seconds for the coordinator to process. The data needs to be received by…
Full Description of Silabs Zigbee
Zigbee Mesh Networking - S2c Pro
I have to form the Mesh network using 4 Zigbee modules. Out of which 1 will be a Coordinator and 3 will be acts as Router. The router should send the MAC ID of each individual router to the coordinator and it should be read by the Controller which is placed at the Coordinator. Just I require a setting for 1 Coordinator and 3 routers. I have formed the Mesh network as attached. But could not able to read MAC…
Full Description of Zigbee Mesh Networking - S2C PRO
Looking For A Specialist Of Home Assistant To Create Rules For My Personnal House.
I'm looking for a home assistant specialist to help me doing a base setup for my house. 1 - Enroll all Z-Wave, Zig-Bee devices, I got all the equipment needed and home assistant installed. 2 - Then, one time we can take 1 or 2 hours to rename all device and make sure we know what each device are and adds them to different groups for rooms and more. 2 - Then I will provide you a Google Sheet/Excel file…
Full Description of Looking for a specialist of Home Assistant to…
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