Wireless Radio Frequency Engineering

Microwave Engineer/rf Engineer/telecommunication Engineer
Looking for someone that knows and understands the practical knowledge of a Microwave Transmitter and components. Be ready to design a real life system and design the circuit of it. Please only bid on project if you understand this very well.
Full Description of Microwave Engineer/RF Engineer/Telecommunication Engineer
Radiohead Code
I looking for someone with experience using RadioHead for ESP32. I need support for some configuration details and example.
Full Description of RadioHead code
Analysis Of Emc Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Results
Background: Our company is working on a product to control the AC power flow towards a heating element (max 3kW). We do this by switching a triac to chop the waveform. Our product also communicates with our server using WiFi or Ethernet. We want this product to fulfill the following standards: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 60730-1, EN 62233, EN 61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3. Freelancer Task Description: We are looking for an expert regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The freelancer needs to…
Full Description of Analysis of EMC electromagnetic compatibility test results
Cell Tower Scanner For Pc
I would like a cell tower scanner using a 4G modem dongle or RTL SDR or Android phone This scanner will scan cell site 2G, 3G and 4G showing their details (ARFCN, EARFCN, FREQUENCY , RSSI, PCI, LAC) The result will be saved in txt file and show in an HTML format in a text box with controls like refresh scan.
Full Description of Cell tower scanner for pc
Build A Network Of Robots
I am a robotics enthusiast. I have a couple of ideas to be tried out. I want to make a network of 100 robots that can communicate with their neighbours as well as a common master robot.
Full Description of Build a network of robots
Rfid Sniffer System Development Via Sdr
Experience with Sub-gigahertz SDR devices and computer-controlled radio devices such as the YARD Stick One required. Must be able to: • Work with RFCat firmware in UHF RFID frequency band, typically 860-960MHZ • Use YARDStick One to analyze communications between RFID reader and tags through its RFCat firmware. • Decode and present the information that is sniffed between UHF reader and the RFID tags. • Identify which specific tag(s) being read and source of UHF messages, errors, status info, statistics…
Full Description of RFID Sniffer system development via SDR
Wireless Receiver Design Using Matlab
Multi-stage project involving wireless receiver design (low order modulated data utilized) and Phase noise relationship using MatLAB. Knowledge of Constellation diagrams graphs, BER and EVM calculation in MatLab also required (Milestones will be set for each task). Price negotiable for each task.
Full Description of Wireless Receiver Design using MatLab
Long Range Mesh Prototype
The project is to make a physical prototype ( 02 devices) like this https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sonnet-game-changer-for-wilderness-communications , linked with an app
Full Description of Long range mesh prototype
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