Build A Proof Of Concept For Screensharing App Ios (bluetooth And Wifi Based Technology)
Hello. Your task is to build a simple demo that enables a user to share his/her screen with another user without using the internet. The technology to be used here is Bluetooth and Wifi ... Similar to the technology behind airdrop. It should allow one user to broadcast his/her screen to a local audience. NB: No sound is required for the initial demo
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App Android E Ios Para Controle Via Wi-fi De Luzes Rgb
Sou desenvolvedor de Hardware, e programo firmware em linguagem de baixo nível para microcontroladores. Tenho um projeto de um dispositivo que faz o controle de LEDs RGB (Red, Green e Blue) através de um hardware que eu desenvolvi, e que se conecta ao Wi-Fi da residência do usuário, e que para ser controlado preciso de um desenvolvedor para criar um app capaz a se conectar ao Wi-Fi na rede onde também está conectado este dispositivo, e que consiga enviar e…
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Android/ios Control App With Firebase
I need an app written for both android and IOS that will update a firebase database used to control an IOT device. The app will control an internet connected water pump/ sprayer by simply updating values in the database. The device will check the firebase database and use those settings to operate. ESP32/Arduino experience a plus. UI Experience strongly encouraged. PM for more details
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Esp32/arduino Based Firebase Project
This is a simple ESP32 based project. I would like it written/programmed via the Arduino IDE. For first time setup it should create a wifi accesspoint that can be accessed via a separate android/ios app to configure it with the appropriate wifi SSID + Password. (App is not the concern for this project, that is developed separately unless freelancer has extraordinary qualifications for both) After setup it will control a pump that will actuate at set intervals for a set…
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Xirrus Xms Configuration
We have to configure Xirrus Access point wifi controller.If anybody has knowledge please connect with us.
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Samsung Controller
i would like to be able to have a program on my computer that would be able to control the calls of samsung smartphones via wifi, controls include calling, putting on mute, dialling extensions, and non-stop redial, all from my computer, i would have many phones on a charging station being used for their calling abilities via wifi on my computer. this way i can run my marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world while leaving my phones in 1…
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Swift On Raspberry Pi Control By Swift On Macos
Looking for freelancer that has skills in programming Swift on Raspberry Pi. Need Pi to control NFC and WIFI and lights and sound. Hardware skill would be good. On a MacOS, is the controller software to enter content and must be done with COREDATA Stage One is to get working prototype. If successful there is a long term requirement. My Name Bevan from Time and Imagination Ltd
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Architect A Remote Office Space Room With Zero Touch Experience
- Looking for a system architect to help me designing a solution combining IoT, cloud, database, API, connectivity (BLE, WiFi, 5G) elements - We want to offer conference room as a service very similar to renting cycles or scooters without human intervention - App design is mostly covered - Refer the word document for detail Deliverable: in a format that can be edited by me later 1. PowerPoint or Google Slides (5 to 10 slides) 2. Excel or Google Sheet…
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Flutter/dart Expert For Code Analysis -- 2
Hello, I'm looking for a Flutter/Dart expert that can analyse an existing app, understand and comment all the existing code and build activity diagrams that could help a future developer. Experienced developers only. Thank you.
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Simple Project - Wifi Extended From Captive Portal
HI, I am looking at getting a wifi setup at holiday place, but I need to get round the captive portal. When I say get round, there is no password or username, it is a simple tick box (Auth) based on MAC address I assume. I have purchased the kit and it all works fine, when I set it up at home and bounce the signal when I have a user name and password for SSID. So need to get…
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Las Tic Como Apoyo A La Educación
En telecomunicaciones se denomina red a cualquier sistema de comunicación que enlaza a dos o mas equipos, ya sean computadores, celulares, tabletas, etc. Al igual que cualquier sistema informático esta conformado por los 3 componentes fundamentales: usuarios, software y hardware. Para el caso de las redes, además del computador, esta el hardware especifico que genera la propia red, este hardware esta compuesto por el cableado (o cualquier sistema que se utilice para para enlazar) y unos dispositivos especializados para hacer…
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Flutter Expert For Code Analysis
Hello, I'm looking for a Flutter expert that can analyse an existing app, understand and comment all the existing code and build activity diagrams that could help a future developer. Experienced developers only. Thank you.
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Xms Configuration
Want to configure Xirrus wifi Controller.If anyone has prior experience with Xirrus wifi controller then they can connect with me.
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Driver And Connection Of Two Cpe510 Devices
I have two CPE510 devices from Tiplink Company. The devices were working perfectly and the internet was fast. The problem happened before, which is that the internet becomes very weak even though the devices are connected together, the cable has been checked now and it is good, the problem I have is that the internet is very weak, not exceeding 1 Mega even though my service provider has 100 megabytes, I think the problem is from the IP, but I…
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