Thermal Analysis

Theory Of Mechanisms And Machines
For the mechanism given in figure I, determine its mobility and graphically, using the plan method, and analytically using the classical method, calculate the velocities and accelerations of points A. C, E, and F having the data.
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Thermal Model For Ev Traction Motor (pmsm)
Hai there, I am looking for someone who could build a thermal model for traction motor. The traction motor drawings will not be shared but i can share the material and dimensions of child parts. Potting will be the cooling system used here. Motor cad software would be encouraged for this. And you will also have to explain me how u had done it, including the lumped parameter circuit(If it is an LP model). The requirment is it to compare…
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Help Me Clear Doubts On Hyperworks Problems By Teaching Me Hyperworks Alongside.
I need a good mechanical engineer FEA tutor (Hindi/English/Marathi any of these languages but good knowledge) who has an experience in analysis using Hyperworks and is an expert. I need you to teach me Hyperworks by resolving my doubts on some problems and explain me each and every concept in detail. Start the bid by 'Horse' so that I can understand you have read the post. All my doubts should be answered related to the 80 problems that need to…
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Mechanical Calculation - Power Generation & Air Compression
- Power generation calculation by a steam turbine and time taken - Heat generation considering the given scenario - Air compression calculation, Heat generation, Losses etc Note :- Need to Sign NDA.
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Solar Cold Storage
We are Solar EPC company based out of Delhi NCR. Job description Candidate is required to design Solar Cold Rooms using thermal storage. The major requirements are 1. Should have knowledge of Refrigeration System of Solar Cold Rooms 2. Should be able to design control panel of cold rooms. 3. Able to minimize the cost by innovations and design changes. 4. Open to adapt new technologies. 5. Additional knowledge of Electrical and Instrumentation is required. 6. Willing to travel for…
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Matlab Modeling/simulation Of A Water Heating System (please Read)
>I need to model a system with a heat generator connected to a wind driven shaft. >Need someone who is well experienced with HEAT TRANSFER (THERMODYNAMICS) and MOTORS. >You will have to understand a particular equation and find the heat output with respect to the speed of windmill shaft. >You will have to explain what all you've done.
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Simulation Of Insulated Box By Changing Variables
An Insulated Box with ice packs is an efficient method to transport perishables. Changing variables can improve the efficiency of the same. (Cad model is provided) This project includes: 1. Determine the duration till which the inner box (payload) reaches a particular temperature by varying desities of the outer EPS insulated box. (density=16,21,25 kg/m3) 2. Change the material of outer box from EPS to 1. XPS 2. PU (properties will be defined) 3. Change the conductivity of Ice packs
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Project Support
Need help with a project, contact for more details.
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Heatsink Designing
We are LED Lighting manufacturers and we require Heat sink designs. We will provide our requirement and the designer has to check whether that particular heatsink is suited to our requirement. If not, he would have to suggest.
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Thermal Analysis / Cfd
I need Thermal Analysis / CFD to be done for the computing platform with an RF circuit. Board details are as follows: Components: double sided Dimension: 180 mm X 25 mm Enclosure: aluminum Design files: Solidworks Please reply, answering all the following questions: Price: make a bid Duration: how long will it take you to do the job Requirements: what do you need to have to complete the job Tool: what tools will you use to do the job Report:…
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Need Matlab Code To Calculate Chf
There are correlations regarding two-phase flow that needed to be coded in MATLAB to find the critical heat flux. Please find below attachment for more clarification. Note: Freelancer must read the attachment before contacting us.
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Smart Electric Hookah
A hookah design and prototype that 1) uses an electric heater instead of coal 2) uses an airflow sensor to regulate the heat 3) uses a humidity sensor to regulate the heat 4) has an additional chamber for mixing heated steam or oil based gases with main airflow 5) uses a water saturation sensor to regulate smoke/steam % 6) can be powered by battery or wired 7) is easy to maintain and clean 8) has sensors to report health and…
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