Renewable Energy Design

Optimization Problem Solving -- 3
This job would require you to replicate/reproduce the results of an academic publication on a certain optimization problem.
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Optimal Planning Models And Algorithms For Distribution Network Containing Renewable Dgs, Ess And Dnr Considering The Reliability And Costs -- 2
Scenarios: 1. Optimal allocation of solar and wind based DGs (maybe add other type) for 33-118-node Distribution Networks considering the Reliability and Costs. (without time considering and with 24 h planning horizon) 2. Optimal allocation of Energy storage system for 33-118-node Distribution Networks considering the Reliability and Costs. (without time considering and with 24 h planning horizon) 3. Optimal Distribution Network Reconfiguration for 33-118-node Distribution Networks considering the Reliability and Costs. (without time considering and with 24 h planning horizon)…
Full Description of Optimal Planning models and algorithms for Distribution Network…
Mechanical Calculation - Power Generation & Air Compression
- Power generation calculation by a steam turbine and time taken - Heat generation considering the given scenario - Air compression calculation, Heat generation, Losses etc Note :- Need to Sign NDA.
Full Description of Mechanical Calculation - Power generation & Air compression
Ingeniero Media Tensión
buscamos ingenieros eléctrico con experiencia en conexiones a subestaciones, unifilares, proyectos
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Pwm Based Solar Charge Controller With Dc Energy Meter
The Solar charge controller provide best power delivery from solar panel to 12V battery whether charging a single battery. These PV Logic Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers achieve a constant battery voltage and thereby producing a higher charge efficiency, rapid recharging and a longer life expectancy for any battery. Energy meter to measure Solar energy generation in Cumulative Kwh Count & real time DC Voltage, DC Current, DC Wattage. We have the hardware ready with MCU- PIC18F46K22 with EPROM- BR24G512FJ-3AGTE2…
Full Description of PWM based Solar charge controller with DC Energy…
Need An Energy Systems Expert
We need support for someone reasonably comfortable with Manufacturing operations. The person will be required to visit sites (as part of a remote audit) to collect energy usage information in details - including any translation to english, conduct interviews onsite and help the back end team (in europe) in meetings with the site teams. Key areas of focus 1. Comfort with Manufacturing plants / sites 2. Understanding of site energy / water terms including HVAC, Chillers, boilers etc and the…
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Maine Engineering . Aim: Using Drones And Robots Pre-decommissioning Of Contamination Level In Nuclear Power Plant.
OBJECTIVE: Develop a guide for using drones and robots to assess nuclear contamination. To provide the aims and objectives of the project, and briefly explain the rationale and methods employed if possible.) 5500 words CARRY OUT RESEARCH IN 1. Remote radiation imaging system UAV is equipped with a thermal camera. The captured thermal images provide a means to segregate water from oil given the disparity in the measured temperatures. 2. Image processing technique Image acquisition Image stitching Image analysis 3.…
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Design And Operations Of Sustainable Systems
OBJECTIVES:  To design and select materials for a reliable shaft/bearing assembly that can be used for the above mechanical structure and minimises friction, wear and maintenance. To construct a reliability block diagram (RBD) analysis for the electric car model and perform failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) for the same model.  To propose a monitoring system (sensory- actuation system) that can be used to monitor system operational condition and prevent system/ sub-systems failure. BRIEF: As an engineer in the…
I Need A Power Grid Analysis
Hello. I need a power grid analysis. If you are experienced in energy dispatch and conceptualization of arbitrage, please contact me in order to obtain more details on the project.
Full Description of I need a power grid analysis
Excel Files To Calculate Solar Energy Systems
Hello.. I need excel files that calculate solar energy systems and analyze their results 1- Photovoltaic solar system PV 2- Thermal photovoltaic solar system PVT 3- Solar water heating system SWH So that I put the value of consumption and the existing roof area, and the file provides me with the number of solar units, batteries, etc. You must provide me the source and the references used and explain to me the equations used by the file through references Because…
Full Description of Excel files to calculate solar energy systems
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