Placeholder For Astrobee Billing Copilot
“This is a placeholder project for Project Management upgrade. The project details will be added later”
Full Description of Placeholder for Astrobee Billing Copilot
Quantum Computing Code Simulation For E Coli Metabolism
I need someone to help write a quantum implementation of a report on e coli metabolism Python code implementation code
Full Description of Quantum computing code simulation for e coli metabolism
Density Functional Theory (dft) Calculation
I need to model a Si nanowire with 4nm diameter to evaluate the band structure using DFT. Either Siesta or CP2K packages are preferred as a large number of atoms are expected to be used in future calculations.
Full Description of Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculation
Siesta Dft Calculation Script Preparation For Nanowire
I'm in need to evaluating the band structure of Si nanowires, and need someone who has experience with the Siesta DFT software. If you think you can replicate the data presented in Figure 2 of (https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1002/1002.0427.pdf) using Siesta, please let me know. I can run the calculations on my server and provide with the output files to assist you in generating the results.
Full Description of Siesta DFT Calculation Script Preparation for Nanowire
Need Help In Building A Simple Quantum Circuit/random Number Generator Using Python And Quantum Computing
I need help in building a quantum circuit or a random number generator. I have the references and tutorial but find it difficult in following the tutorial as I have less time to learn all of it. It is making a simple quantum circuit using python. I have signed up for IBM's Q experience but need help in proceeding further.
Full Description of Need help in building a simple quantum circuit/random…
Ideas For Quantum Vacuums And Energy Vacuums Being Used As A Method For A Transistor
ok firstly i have Asperger's Syndrome, bipolar, and im schizoaffective with OCD trendies and extremely heavy thought disorder so my communication abilities are very potato I'm a hobbyist sy-fi writer, i write a lot of soft and hard sy-fi and this idea I have is absolutely nutty and highly fantastical as a lot of the concepts, I'm using basically require insane material/material scienses that literally do not exist and all of my guesses of how this might work is just…
Full Description of ideas for Quantum vacuums and energy vacuums being…
Matlab Probability Graph
Have an probability equation for quantum well which needs to be plotted on graph using mat lab
Full Description of Matlab Probability graph
Program Optimization
I have a popular cryptography program that I need help optimizing it for a specific project.
Full Description of Program optimization
Write A Foreword For My Nonfiction Book
The book is a autobiography told through the lens of science, psychology, trauma, recovery and anecdotal evidence / story. If you have a professional background in neuroscience, physics, psychology, quantum mechanics or even just have a PhD then you may qualify.
Full Description of Write a foreword for my nonfiction book
Need A Quantum / Computational Physicst
I need some help in being able to compute travelling wave solutions of vortex dipoles in python. Computational / Quantum physics experience needed. PhD is a must - if you don't have a PhD and experience in this discipline, do not waste my time - I will report you.
Full Description of Need a quantum / computational physicst
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