Power Amplifier RF

Rf Filter Design
I need an RF Filter design for 9GHz to 10GHz. The design must comply with the following parameters : 1. Sma connector at input and output. 2. Insertion loss : 3db max 3. Stop band rejection : 40-30db The deliverables will be as following : 1. Simulated S parameters 2. Gerber files for fabrication. 3. Design files Please don't bid if you don't have rf design experience.
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Find A Way To Replace A 6.78 Mhz Programmable Oscillator
Take a look at the schematic, the programmable oscillator is currently out of stock and we need to find a replacement. I do not mind replacing it with a 3.3V oscillator if the circuit works as intended. Also, I want to understand how the current oscillator is programmed at 6.78MHz. I attached all the documentation for the demo board.
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Harmonics Study, Earthing Study And Efficiency Analysis & Improvement Potential Of Motors And Transformers In Cement Industry
Project Report Format:- • Table of Contents • Introduction • Objective/Abstract • Literature Review • Methodology • Observations/Findings • Recommendations/Suggestions o Cost-Benefit analysis • Conclusion • Future Scope • References Format for Presentation:- • Introduction • Agenda/Objective • Methodology • Observations • Recommendations/Suggestions o Cost-Benefit Analysis • Conclusion • Future Scope • References • Thank You Separate File:- • Observations/Findings • Recommendations/Suggestions o Cost-Benefit analysis
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Ads/awr/cadence Task
Details will be shared via PM... Bid only if you have substantial experience in the above mentioned softwares.
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Loudspeaker Designing
I am looking for a person with following description for a part time project - Klippel understanding - Thiele Small Parameters - Loudspeaker designing - Amplifier understanding - Neodymium Magnets - CAD Modeling
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Design A Linear Array Of 8 Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antennas
Design a linear array of 8 microstrip rectangular patch antennas, including the microstrip line corporate feeding network, operating at 2.52 GHz. The single source of this array is connected to the microstrip feeding network via a 50 Ω port. For the design, choose an appropriate substrate from Rogers Corporation RT/Duroid® Laminates (https://rogerscorp.com/advanced-connectivity-solutions/rt-duroid-laminates). All microstrip patch antennas should have an input impedance of ???? = 50 + ?0 Ω and its microstrip-line feed should have a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω.…
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Rf Energy Harvesting
I am an postgarduate electronics Engineer. My project is reltaed to RF energy harvesting. Working on system designs on Advanced design system (ADS) software package.
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Senior Rf/mw Design Engineer Here.
Hello! I have experience in developing various high-performance radar antennas, ultra-low noise and high stable frequency synthesizers, DC-12.5GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer and IFM/DRFM modules. I have the experience of researching and manufacturing 200W power amplifier (continuous wave) in S band and the practical ability to design LNA with noise figure less than 1 in X, Ku, Ka band. I have a lot of experience in using/accessing microwave measurement equipment such as vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, standard oscillator, noise meter…
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I’m looking for a portable amplifier design and preamp as well . This device needs be power up with (1) 9v battery . For the control part will be (2 ) potentiometer which is volume control and sensitivity control for 5v vu meter ( analog type). Switches (4) angle toggle switch for power on -off, background noise filter. External connection will be (3) which is output aux jack for headphone , input 3pin xlr jack, and output aux jack for…
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Uhf Handheld Radio
We have a digital radio that we prototype. But because we did not have the correct design in the field of high frequency and analog part in PCB, the circuit is constantly reset when the power is 10 watts. The radio frequency is 400 ~ 470 MHz and the maximum circuit power is 10 watts. We give the initial schematic and pcb design in Altium Any change is allowed even in the circuit schematic if needed
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