Optical Engineering

Prepare Proposal For Oil And Gas Inspections Using Drones
We are a drone producer start-up and we are currently developing a number of different drones. We have a business opportunity with an oil-and-gas producer and distributor, we need to propose to them inspection and monitoring services for their facilities using our in-development drones. We do not have much knowledge on the types of equipment, systems, software, or sensors to be used, thus we need a freelancer with knowledge and experience in the field to prepare a good detailed document…
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T Flipflop Using Photonic Crystal Waveguides
I need a design for T flipflop using photonic crystal waveguides in Opti FDTD software which satisfies the table shown in the picture that I uploaded.
Full Description of T flipflop using photonic crystal waveguides
Projector To Project Static Image On Table
I need a projector to be mounted on ceiling and projection on table. It should run through an app to project exact size specified for projection. Suppose,thee is a picture on my system and I want to project on table with specific width and length of 5 mt by 1.5 metre. Or give projection target of 5.5 mtre by 2 metre. So it should cover upto say 8 metre x 1.5 mtre. Also the projection should be visible in lighting…
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Optics Module - Curved Line Laser Projection
Hi, I'm currently making a device that projects an arc instead of a line from a laser pointer. I got the line projecting lens positioned at an angle to get the right curvature, but I need some help to get the brightest projection possible in the lowest possible input voltage. I got the lowest fan angle lens to make sure more energy is concentrated in a small area but is still not bright enough. So I'm looking for an optics…
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Long Reach Passive Optical Simulator
I need to run python script from https://github.com/madsonrda/LRPON-Simulator but during run, it shows some missing error. I need to solve some missing file and need some enhancement
Full Description of Long Reach Passive Optical Simulator
Improving The Energy And Spectral Efficiency Of Lifi Systems Using Companding Techniques
it requires a study using ieee template will propose an improved modulation technique for OFDM-based LiFi systems using compressing and expanding methods. The energy and spectral efficiency performance of the proposed technique will be compared with traditionally used DCO-OFDM.. the percentage of copy is not very important may by 30 or 40% acceptable but the content is important, the study requires simulation using matlab to prove the outputs
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simulation of long rich PON by using python in physical layer when we have attack .
Full Description of cybersecurity
Research Proposal Modification & Implementation -- 7
I need someone to amend the changes in proposal & Implementation in NetSim/MatLab. Proposal Title: Delay Analysis for Delayed Report Messages Multipoint Control Protocol in EPON Under Bursty Arrivals and Multichannel Setting.
Full Description of Research Proposal Modification & Implementation -- 7
Project About Matlab And Optic
Hi everyone, I have a project about Optic, It should be model in MATLAB. I need coding MATLAB about Optic. Everyone who have knowledge about this topic, send proposal. Detail of project will be send in chatbox. For validation of your proposal: x = 3 x + 1 = ? Send answer with your proposal. Thanks
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Matlab Code For The Research Journal Results
You'll have to reproduce the results from the research journal in MATLAB software. You'll have to go through the mathematical equations and write the code to get the plots. I can help you with the references but you'll have to solve mathematics behind. Bid only if you are really 100% confident about the results. I will only pay when I'm satisfied with the result.
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Reducing Slide Projector
An Optical engineer or Optics student. I need the design for a small slide projector with source to target distance of about 8-10 inches. Source will be visible or IR LED, and the image projected on the target will be from 1X to 0.05X size of the slide image. This is a reducing, not enlarging projector. I need the design of the necessary lenses and lens specifications. This project has NOTHING to do with web design. Please do NOT quote…
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Matlab Optical Fibers
small project about optical broadening and normalized distance. You mustn’t use any readily available functions and write the code from scratch. You mustn’t use the SIMULINK environment only MATLAB scripts are allowed. Use the needed equations from the other images and introduce some missing variable values in a suitable way. and at the end, you must get 6 plots
Full Description of Matlab optical fibers
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