Designer Para Desenhos De Peças Técnicas Para Registro De Patente No Inpi
Elaboração de desenhos técnicos para registro de modelo de utilidade no INPI - Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial. A parte descritiva eu faço. DESENHOS - apresentar desenhos rigorosos, bem definidos, a preto e branco, com tra o de espessura uniforme e densa e tra ados com o aux lio de instrumentos de desenho t cnico, n o podendo, contudo, ser tridimensionais com sombreado resultante de fonte de luz nem possuir grada  es, tramas de preenchimento ou tons de cinzento. - atendendo ao dom nio t cnico, apresentar a(s)…
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Nominee Letter Of Phd To Get Green Card.
Hi, I would like a statement letter for PhD graduate nominee, showed the following paragraphs. each paragraph of 200-300 words: nomine details: -Phd from Manchester University in biotechnology nano technology (health industry). done more than 20 experiments successfully. -Master of biotechnology from Manchester university. - strong background knowledge in health nanotechnology researches -First paragraph: why hie is talent and Describe how the nominee in their profession, research and academia has an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement. Also…
Full Description of nominee Letter of PhD to get Green card.
Nanotechnology Market Research
We’re prototyping an optical pH sensor and require someone to undertake some market research to identify if there is a commercially available material containing the necessary Fluorophores that can be used inside of a pipe containing running water for several months or years without losing fluorescence. Experience in advanced materials science is necessary to undertake this research. Experience with nanotechnology and spectronomy would be advantageous.
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Biometric Data: How Does Covid-19 Vaccine Passports And Qr Codes Destroy Privacy, Threaten Rights? Write A 2000 Word Article Or Essay - $50 Budget Maximum
Answer the following question in your bid - Are you an expert on biometric data, nanotechnology, QR codes and their use for COVID-19 vaccines? TOPIC - Biometric Data: How does COVID-19 Vaccine Passports and QR Codes destroy privacy, threaten rights? Write a 2000 word article or essay - $50 budget maximum
Full Description of Biometric Data: How does COVID-19 Vaccine Passports and…
We are looking for some help in HSPICE tool and how to use it in nanotechnology field specially in graphene nano tupes to replace it in transistors
Full Description of Nanotechnolog
Presentacion Profesiona Sobre Tecnologia Y Ciencia.
Estoy buscando un profecional que nos ayude a preparar una presentacion en espanol esta sera referente a tecnologia. Si tienes el talento contactanos y danos ejemplos de tu trabajo. Esta presentacion se tiene que terminar lo mas pronto posible. 
Full Description of Presentacion profesiona sobre tecnologia y ciencia.
Synthesis Of Metal Nanoparticles
hello, I need a chemistry researcher who can do my lab work like synthesizing the metal nanoparticles for the project.
Build Me A Transparent Resistive Heater Using Nanotechnology
Create a transparent resistive heater out of nanomaterials or a nanomaterial composite (i.e TCO's, ag/cu nanowire, graphene, carbon nanotubes) that can be deposited onto a cylindrical quartz substrate with a diameter of 24mm or deposited onto sheets of corning's willow glass as an alternative substrate. (I understand that nanomaterial deposition is usually performed on a flat substrate). Heating performance is much more important than optical transparency. The surface to be heated is 15 square cm, a very small area, but…
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Nanoparticles Experiment Report
Need a professional who can work on a short Nanoparticles experiment report. We already have the results for the project. Need the report made on the given result.
Full Description of Nanoparticles experiment report
Seeking To Discuss Nvidia Ai Healthcare Platform
Do you work with NVIDIA Software? Do you know about NVIDIA AI Healthcare Software? I am a graduate of Administrative Healthcare and wish to discuss courses and strategies. Can I count on you to help? Please let me know. Thank you.
Full Description of Seeking to Discuss NVIDIA AI HealthCare Platform
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