Thd Estimation Of Micro_speaker
The nonlinear factors like stiffness, force factor and inductance etc. are responsible for the distortions in micro-speakers. Requirement: To find the analytical method to calculate total harmonic distortion considering individual nonlinearities in detail including the formulation of each nonlinear factors. Additionally, polynomial expansion series and the method of solving their respective coefficients of each individual parameters.
Full Description of THD estimation of micro_speaker
Mammogram Report Reading
simplely we need to develop rule based natural lang processing to extract mammogram finding from text report.
Full Description of Mammogram report reading
Great Plains Conversion To Mem - A/p Sub Ledger Does Not Tie To Gl
Recently I converted from GP to MEM and the A/P sub ledger does not equal the GL from inception, June of this year to date. I am looking for a consultant who can find the differences and propose a solution. As June through September financials have already been locked and presented I am looking make all fixes in October of November as a ytd fix. This project needed to be completed by November 30th. There is some flexibility. The company…
Full Description of Great Plains conversion to MEM - A/P sub…
Appletv Single-app Mode
Setup AppleTV in Single-App Mode (SAM) using Apple Configurator or Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Available Resources: - MacBook Pro - AppleTV - Apple Business Manager account - Microsoft Office365 E3 account - Additional resources can be provided if needed.
Full Description of AppleTV Single-App Mode
Build A Model Of Mems Sensor In Comsol
I need to understand the working principles of MEMS sensor/resonator as well as to reach some kind of proficient level in using COMSOL Multiphysics.
Full Description of Build a model of MEMS sensor in COMSOL
Mems Creator
looking for degsiner with creative idea to advertise our products in a nice way
Full Description of mems creator
Implement Nanoedge Ai Studio V3 On A New Board , And Re Write Low Lever Drivers Gpio.
The work required is as follows: We use a reference design from STMicroelectronics "STEVAL-PROTEUS" this electronic cboard has an original firmware and diagram of which you will find all the GPIOs that correspond to the firmware. We have modified the original diagram and added a capacitive sensor and two sensors specific to our application and new board. 1 The first part of the job consists of redefining the GPIOs of our schematics and rewriting the low-level drivers to exploit all…
Full Description of Implement NanoEdge AI Studio V3 on a new…
Implementation Of Zephyr Driver For Sensor St Lsm303agr
Hi, We need a developer or development team who has advanced experience with Zephyr RTOS on Nordic or similar semiconductor and STM sensor LSM303AGR. We need to implement the Zephyr driver for sensor LSM303AGR, according to the attached requirements specification. Br
Full Description of Implementation of Zephyr driver for sensor ST LSM303AGR
Esp32 Get Frequences Array From Mems Microphone Via I2s
I am looking for a freelancer to develop a sketch. This project requires the use of I2S as the connection, and will involve getting a frequency array from a MEMS microphone(One reading per ESP32 wakeup). The successful freelancer for this project will have experience in working with electronics, and programming for the ESP32 microcontroller. Experience in developing prototypes for audio and sound related projects is a plus. I have a solution for analog microphone, but mems microphone is mandatory and…
Full Description of ESP32 get Frequences array from MEMS microphone via…
Need A Video Add Creator
I am in need of a video ad creator who specializes in live action videos. The primary goal of the video ad is to promote my product. The desired video length is between 30-60 seconds. Ideal skills and experience: - Demonstrated expertise in creating live-action video ads - Ability to effectively convey the product's unique selling points and benefits through visual storytelling - Experience with video editing and post-production techniques - Creative approach to video production that captures the viewer's…
Full Description of Need a video add creator
Comsol Expert For Silmulating The Quality Factor Of A Mems Structure Due To Air Damping
I am looking for a COMSOL Expert to help me simulate the quality factor of a MEMS structure due to air damping. The structure has a microscale size of less than 1mm and I need someone to develop the finite element model for it. The desired quality factor should be close to the reference paper. The successful freelancer must demonstrate they possess the knowledge and experience to successfully carry out this project.
Full Description of COMSOL Expert for silmulating the quality factor of…
Comsol Acoustic Mems
COMSOL Acoustic MEMS - I am looking for expertise and knowledge in COMSOL Acoustic MEMS design and simulation. I have specific design parameters and specifications for the MEMS device that I would like to be met. I have attached a comparable draft example file for your kind review. You have to produce figures (no 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) similar to what has been done in the attached document. The Freelancer should have excellent knowledge of acoustic performance…
Full Description of COMSOL Acoustic MEMS
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