Need Image Processing
I have a 1080p i420 image data and a 1080p mask data, I need to alpha blending them with neon acceleration. Please send me proposal how you gonna complete it.
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Guide Me How To Use This Style Gan 2 Ada Notebook
I am a student, and doing a project on style gan 2 ADA. I want an expert's guidance or one who have done projects similar to this as I have been training my model on google collab pro for over a month and technically if I was training it the right way then it would have been completed in 9 or maximum 10 days as I have been getting Tesla V-100 maximum times luckily. But if I get Tesla p-100…
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Fourie Transform Features Extraction
Hi, I would like to extract features from medical images. I am having multi modal MR images. I already extracted histogram based features and GLCM as well, but I am not sure about Fourie transform features for the images. Meanwhile these featuere are being used to feed into SVM. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me in this project. Regards,
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Contrasting / Image Processing Pro Needed
Hello all, I need help contrasting a bunch of black and white images so they will blend together in a mosaic. This is a project for an imaging processing pro. If you are skilled in image processing, are familiar in many different techniques, and have the ability to build me an application or method to process many images, please chat me. Hourly rate would most likely be best. Thanks!
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Confección de planner para pacientes operados que puedan pegarlo como iman en su refrigerador
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Web Content Writing, Including Research, Technical Understanding And Media
We have an IoT product that is multi purpose (has many different uses). Our web site is mostly informative about the main uses of the product, but what we're finding is that we can actually go "beyond" what it currently offers and in fact, build entire use cases around the product. Some companies have built their entire business around just 1 thing that our product does and they have dedicated an entire website to their product. So we have decided…
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Videos Editing
I need you to edit videos image we only need 100 people by the company for only this week
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Programmatically Update Psd Files After Replacing Linked Smart Object -2
I have a PSD file which contains Linked smart object, now I would like to replace linked file with another (same file name may be) , then export the psd file to png with this new file just need to clarify, I'm gonna need a small script to to run on a machine which doesn't have Photoshop installed the script need to replace the linked file with new file, same size the final purpose is to refresh the psd with…
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Load Resnet Pytorch Model And Checkpoint
Hi, I need someone to help me in loading model and checkpoints correctly. I used ResNet pytorch model to train and classify image. P.S. It is an urgent work.
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