Heat Load Calculation

Heat Transfer Calculations Needed For A Swimming Pool
This is a heat transfer job not HVAC We are looking for someone to do some heat loss calculations for an indoor swimming pool, attached is an excel sheet with the weather data and the U values for the swimming pool shell. The U values for the pool hall will be as the following 0.25 for walls, 0.2 for roof, 0.25 floor We would like to calculate all the heat losses involved in the swimming pool and find out the…
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Heat Exchanger Design
Dear Sir We are looking for Heat transfer expert with experience in heat exchangers. This is an urgent requirement Regards
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Heat Load Calculations
I require a heat load calculation (heat loss and heat gain) for the attached drawings. Notes from the spec: - No allowance shall be made for the heat gain from lighting, occupants and equipment within the heating load calculations. - No allowance shall be made for internal blinds within the cooling load calculations. - The air infiltration rate used in the heat loss and heat gain calculations shall be based on the entire building volume, i.e. to include raised floor…
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Heat Load Calculations -- 2
I require a heat load calculation (heat loss and heat gain) for the attached drawings. Please submit the calculation in the same format as shown on the attached PDF example. Notes from the spec: - Heat gain calculations both for individual zones and overall. - Heat loss calculations not for individual zones and overall. - The heat gain and heat loss calculations shall be completed using CIBSE AM11 software based on design criteria. External Temperature: - Summer: 30°C db/20°C wb…
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Heatloss Calculations
To produce detailed heatloss calculations for a two story building with 8 areas per floor - total floor area 412m2 per floor. Calculations to be AM11 compliant We have been let down and we need these for 10am tomorrow morning Please find attached drawings, specification and pictures
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Chemical Engineer To Design A Process And Create Spreadsheet To Change All Variables Parametrically
We need to let a product (dissolved in water) react using heat at a temperature of 200C (and thus under pressure). We originally wanted to do the following: 1) Enter the inner tube of a tube-in-tube coil counter-flow heat exchanger [A] to raise in temperature from ambient (say, 20C) to as close as possible to the temperature of the next location: A hot oil tank (200C); 2) Next, the stream will pass through a single tube coil [B] to heat…
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I need someone who is familiar with multi physics, and heat simulation in altair. More details will be provided.
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Simulating Baking Process For Cookies
We wish to simulate structural and chemical changes in biscuit baking. We need changes in porosity, temperature, humidity, and dimensions of a biscuit for given heat fluxes on the surface. COMSOL or Ansys model for the same should be developed and submitted to us.
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Nümerik Analiz
Zamana bağlı diferansiyel denklem setinin matlab vb. bir programda kodunun yazılarak zamana bağlı olarak çözdürülmesi, kodun teslimi ve istenilen grafiklerin çıkarılması.
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Heat Transfer Internship Project
I am designing heat exchanger in order to complete my internship in heating division of the R&D department of a radiator company in Turkey. I am looking for support, help in order to that I s complete my internship period successfully. Briefly, in this project, I need to find heat load, estimated overall heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer area, overall heat transfer coefficient of the system I designed. I can provide more details for the project as well as guideline…
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