Jupyter Hub Developer
We look for Python and Jupyter Lab developer to create sample code on various topics such as, 1. Create SQL Lite database with sample data and connect from JupyterLab 2. Use Adventureworks database for visualizations 3. Find any other good sample CSV data from internet for visualizations 4. Interactive Visualizations - Column, Line, Bar, KPI, Heat Map, Geo Map, etc 5. Work on Data Science samples should be able to complete the project in 10-15 days should be able to…
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Gis Farm Monitoring Remote Sensing
need to make a web app like For use in seed production. farm management, crop health monitoring
Full Description of GIS Farm monitoring remote sensing
Gps And Attitude Data Logger And Plotter -- 2
software that can take in many devices and runs in MS Windows. Devices (15 interfaces in Total) • Gyros (up to 5 devices) • Pitch and Roll sensors (up to 5 devices) • GPS (up to 5 devices) - GPS must convert received LAT/LONG to UTM coordinates or allow input of user datum to produce cartesian XYZ coordinates. some open source libraries should already be available for this - GDAL - GeoGraphicLib - PROJ.4 Coms (multiple input…
Full Description of GPS and Attitude Data Logger and Plotter --…
Landslide Thread Analysis And Graphic Output
I need some help to make a landslide thread analysis to Manizales Colombia (Comuna San Jose), I try do this analysis with Dem 15m, historic rain or precipitation, geomorphology, lithology but recibe some recommendations. 1. Study area was too big for the size of the city. Before it was made out in three communes, it to s proposed to make only one called San Jose. But recommendations are received. 2 .The pixel size wasn't sufficient to determine the threat. 3.…
Full Description of Landslide thread analysis and graphic output
Desenvolvedor Mapa Postgis, Layer E Etc
Temos um sistema que já tem um modulo com integração com o GOOGLEMAPS precisamos de um programador que tenha conhecimentos solidos em GeoReferenciamento, GIS, e etc, para reformular nosso submodulo, que iremos contemplar novas funcionalidades bem como sistema para cadastro de novas bases e etc. pode ser um projeto pontual, ou de fato uma contratação(nossa preferencia inclusive)
Full Description of Desenvolvedor Mapa Postgis, Layer e etc
Qgis For Boat Navigation
Sono un comandante di unità navali e devo tracciare la rotta per un viaggio umanitario che partirà da Monaco e tornerà a Monaco dopo aver toccato 150 porti diversi nel mondo. Mi hanno consigliato di utilizzare QGis e Chinese Postman Plugin ma non ho le competenze per farlo. Cerco un esperto QGIS che sappia calcolare la rotta più breve per partire da Monaco e tornarci dopo aver toccato tutti i punti passando per Panama, Suez, Capo di Buona Speranza etc.
Full Description of Qgis For Boat Navigation
Indoor Scatter Position And Indoor Heatmap (python)
I have a Dataframe with a lot of times and positions of different objects in a building (LAT/LONG) I need to plot scatter and heatmap of the objects with a basemap in backround (openstreetmap is ok or maybe a capture of google maps will be ok too) I tried folium.Map with the plugins.HeatMapWithTime but i can't zoom in to the specific building Attached is a sample of what i need
Full Description of indoor scatter position and indoor heatmap (PYTHON)
Convert Coordinates X (m) Y (m) (wgs84 Mercator) For Google Earth
I have a CSV file that I would like to import in Google Earth. Unfortunatly the Google Earth doesn't reconize the cordinates X (m) Y (m) (WGS84 Mercator). I would need to convert them in Decimal Degrees
Full Description of Convert Coordinates X (m) Y (m) (WGS84 Mercator)…
Gis Google Maps Web App
i want to be able to supply a db with coordinates and see icon on screen of those coordinates upon pressing an icon I will be able to see the data from its DB I want to draw a poligon around area and get all items in it
Full Description of GIS google maps web app
Sustainable Planning
Visit two housing development sites (virtually). Based on these visits, and other named places of their choice known to them, and with reference to academic papers, write an essay 3000 words assessing the success of placemaking at both sites and another named place of their choice.
Full Description of Sustainable Planning
Put Placemarks Onto Google Earth
I have a google earth map with a polygon shape drawn on it. I need someone to place 45 placemarks on that map. They must be placed in the following pattern: 1. Within the polygon borders. 2. Spread across the entire polygon in a grid. Not *exactly* a grid, but the starting points should be distributed uniformly across the space. 3. Each placemark should be placed at an intersection of roads. Either a 3-way or a 4-way intersection. Intersections of…
Full Description of Put placemarks onto Google Earth
Hydrologic Water Balance Report For Small Irrigation Farm (<10ha)
I need a water balance report for a small farm. I am looking to employ a qualified hydro geologist to do this. I have elevation data, rain days >1mm and Mean and Median Rainfall (30 years till 1991-2020). A dam is in the middle of the farm and 70% of the area will be used for cabbages, potatoes and cauliflower. Irrigation estimate 16ML. I can get soil type info also. No crop periods need to be considered. Do you use…
Full Description of Hydrologic Water Balance Report for Small Irrigation Farm…
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