Need An Experienced Genealogist For Slavery Research In The Caribbean
I need someone who can independently conduct thorough research for me about my family line. I would like for you to give me a direct link to my slave ancestors. The information would show exactly how I’m related to them, and also specific information about the slave owners that I will share with you when hired. Please only apply if this is your field of work and you’re confident that you will be able to get the job done.
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I Need Assistance From A Well Rounded Or Biology Student
I am currently enrolled in a non majors biology college course and would like someone to help take some of the load off. For example, helping me out by doing a few assignments here and there.
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Family Tree
Lookingsomeone to research and make a family tree for me Only need first branch and country of origin
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Biology Project
The “Father of Genetics,” Gregor Mendel, was born 200 years ago in northern Moravia (now Czechia). His experiments with pea plants led to observations and conclusions that became fundamental principles of genetic inheritance. These principles include: 1) Each organism has two versions (or alleles) of each gene; 2) One allele is inherited from the mother, and one allele is inherited from the father; 3) Alleles can be dominant or recessive; 4) Genes for different traits are inherited independently from each…
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Lebanese Genealogy Tree
Hello, The job is make a short genealogy tree. The family will cover 3 generations and about 12 peoples from 1900 to today. I have the names of 4 persons to start with. The job is to build the family tree finding the 12 others persons. I have DNA result from my heritage and 23 n me to assist you with the job. The 12 Peoples are from Leban Contact me i ll be happy to tell you more about…
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Canadian Family History Research
Looking for someone to either conduct this research or to show me the best methods to conduct it myself. Looking specifically at Métis scrip in BC, AB and ON in the Canadian archives.
Full Description of Canadian family history research
Genetics Project
Needing help with genetics project. But I’m needing someone who is familiar with working with a genome browser and genetics
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Explanation Of Paper
Hello , I need someone to explain the paper in the topic of: "Inferring ethnicity from mitochondrial DNA sequence".
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Explanation Of Paper -- 2
Hello , I need someone to have sessions explaining the paper in the topic of: "Inferring ethnicity from mitochondrial DNA sequence".
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Genealogy - Find My Jewish Origins
I want to prove my Jewish origins. I have no data. (Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, EU)
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Assistance In Writing A Bioinformatics Report
Hello I need help from a specialist in bioinformatics to write a report about specific issues in the field. The writer shall have experience in Biomolecular Analysis as well. Some information to be included in the report, but not limited to, include: - accession codes - mRNA - Protein, - Genomic DNA - TAS1R2 - Exon - SNV
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Biology Expert Needed (genealogy To Be Exact)
Hello, I need someone experienced in biology (genealogy) who can do statical coding as well and must be familiar with PYcharm as well. More details in chat. Thankyou.
Full Description of Biology expert needed (Genealogy to be exact) Export To Family Book
Looking for someone to assist in taking hundreds of pieces of information and hundreds of photos and making it into a chronologic story about my family ancestry. Please include in your bid if you have ever used
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Independent Genealogical Search
Hello, i am finalizing my Sephardic genealogical tree line and I have some ancestors that I would like to document more. I already have the genealogical line up to the original root ancestor, however I need more references for some few generations and I need some help on that since I am polishing other stuff in my report. Names and Description: 1.) Manuela Calderón de la Barca. She was the mother of Don José Teodoro Aguiluz Calderón de la Barca…
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Canadian Genealogy - Metis Background
Looking for someone to look through ancestral records to prove my Canadian Metis heritage.
Full Description of Canadian Genealogy - Metis background
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