Energy Modelling

Need An Energy Systems Expert
We need support for someone reasonably comfortable with Manufacturing operations. The person will be required to visit sites (as part of a remote audit) to collect energy usage information in details - including any translation to english, conduct interviews onsite and help the back end team (in europe) in meetings with the site teams. Key areas of focus 1. Comfort with Manufacturing plants / sites 2. Understanding of site energy / water terms including HVAC, Chillers, boilers etc and the…
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Energy Usage Data Collection
We need support for a skilled professional to visit manufacturing locations across Japan (reasonable travel and stay costs can be negotiated) . The person will be required to interact with plant teams to understand and collect information and data on energy and water consumption - and support our experts in meetings with local stakeholders. Understanding of manufacturing plants would be good to have and comfort around terms / usage of Boilers, Chillers, HVACs etc in the energy context would be…
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Ies Ve Simulations
I need someone to work on my IES VE model with simulations/ calibration and Macroflow
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Equest Modeler For Canadian Energy Code
I am looking for advisor. I am finishing a computing project and need help with examples and answers. It could be by hour? it could be a mix of creating examples and follow by q&a interview about it If you understand the eQuest file format it is even better questions about: - Energy code implementation in eQuest - Comparison building - materials - schedules and things like that
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Modelling A House To Understand Overheating By Tm52, Tm 59 Or Phpp And Remedial Measures. Passive House
Hello, I have a house I'm looking to build in the south of Ireland. I have the U values for the roof, floor and walls and windows. I also have the G value for the windows. I do not have the PSI values for the junctions. I am looking for someone to model the house to understand the what percentage of time the building will overheat and a suggestion of remedial actions. I would also like if possible the PSI…
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Energy Analyzing
I want to analyze a building in Italy in terms of HVAC system and light by using Ladybug and honey bee
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School Building Energy Model
Engineering firm needing an experienced building energy modeler. All drawings and plans provided upon award.
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Commodity Supply And Demand Balance And Forecast
To build a global supply-demand balance for a commodity class, that would provide a two-year supply-demand forecast.
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Wind Farm Sld Designer Needed.
Freelancer needed who has experience in the wind farm, wind farm SLD design. Bigner level will also work for me.
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Excel Vba Development
Hello, I have a command which I would like to implement in excel VBA. I have it listed and can explain more in details. The knowledge on energy planning, excel macros are essential. I need it done immediately. Thanks.
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Consulting Regaring Setup Of Energyplus Simulation
We are looking for help in setting up EnergyPlus simulations ( for residential buildings, with the goal to be able to run simulations where we optimize energy-consumption by settings inputs for the simulated control systems. We need help with all parts of this, if you only now for example step 1, that is still of high interest for us. 1. Basic simulation setup with introduction/training for EnergyPlus 2. Create software solution so be able to send in external control signals.…
Full Description of Consulting regaring setup of EnergyPlus simulation
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