Open Port 44158 For Crypto Helium Miner
I need to open forward port 44158 for my bobcat 300 (Helium crypto miner) The ip address for settings is I got access to the account but I can’t seem to find which private IP I need I tried IPv4 but I’m a total noob and could’t make it work
Full Description of Open Port 44158 For Crypto Helium Miner
Script To Grab Netgear Cm600 Cable Modem Signal Levels
I need a script written to fetch the cable modem signal levels at regular intervals. The script should be able to login to the web interface of the cable modem and fetch the entries from the webpage. The webpage provides a snapshot of the current signal levels in that moment of time. I have a Splunk instance where I would use the script output as input to visualize the data over time. This is for a Netgear CM600 modem. More…
Full Description of Script to grab Netgear CM600 cable modem signal…
Setup Gsm Sms Modem In My Laptop -3
Setup GSM SMS Modem in my laptop, i have AT Command Tester tools which is port is runing need to setup dialup and another tools need to send SMS. if someone can setup let me know GSM Model : MF825. its urgent please help me to do this.
Full Description of Setup GSM SMS Modem in my laptop -3
Huawei Modem Dashboard Change
I need an individual who understands How to change the Huawei modem dashboard.
Full Description of Huawei modem dashboard change
Adapt An Sms App Raspberry / Python
We have develop an app in python on Raspberry to send SMS. We want to adapt the app to send/receive SMS with more dans 70 caracters, also to send/receive accentued caracters. We give remote access to the raspberry for testing
Full Description of Adapt an SMS app Raspberry / python
Sms Modem Based On Ip Network With Smpp/http Api
Dear members, I am currently looking for someone who has knowledge and experience With how to configure and use a SMS Modem based on IP network with SMPP/HTTP API. If you have advanced skills in technical, privacy and security Related to SMS Modem Configuration bid on this. Requirements for the position: -Knowledge & experience with SMS Modem configuration based on IP network with SMPP/HTTP API. -Available most of the time for technical support. -Vps + Vpn configuration. -Problem-solving skills.
Full Description of SMS Modem based on IP network with SMPP/HTTP…
Make Home Broadband Secure
Users on the sky broadband wifi are able to login to modem and block other devices. Need advice how to prevent this and stop users logging in. Need an extra layer of security to block access.
Full Description of Make home broadband secure
How To Point On-prem App On Domain-name With Public Ip
I have mydomainnames.com pointed to my on-premise public-ipv4 address. There are several web apps/servers in my internal LAN therefore the modem should refer to internal DNS server to resolve all domain-name queries. Internally (on-prem LAN) everything is working fine. But I want mydomainnames.com from public networks to point to right server inside my LAN. Am I missing something? Do I need to point port 80 to DNS server? in "transmission > NAT " section? Any routing policy I should consider?…
Full Description of How to point on-prem app on domain-name with…
Find A Software For Gsm Modem
Find a software for multi sim gsm modem that can send and receive sms (/sms +calls) remotely and separately from each sim.
Full Description of Find a software for gsm modem
Unbrick My Huawei E3372h-153 Modem Devices
Hello, I bought 2 Huawei e3372h-153 from Aliexpress, but when I was trying to update got bricked. I need unbrick them and update versions. All Drivers are ready. Thanks
Full Description of Unbrick my huawei e3372h-153 modem devices
Need Help To Configure Cinterion Ehs6t Lan Modem
Hello, I need help to configure CINTERION EHS6T LAN Modem and use it with Python program to run USSD commands. I already have a Python program running perfectly on Linux CentOS with Conuigo Lan Modem but I got some errors with Centerio Modem when trying to connect. Also, the Outpout of USSD command doesn't interpret new lines (\n). See attached the screenshot of an example of output. The Freelancer will help to : 1) Fix connection to Modem error 2)…
Full Description of Need help to configure CINTERION EHS6T LAN Modem
D-link Dsl-2750u Router Problem
Hello ,, my DSL-2750U D-Link routers works fine but i can't access it from another network or internet ,, it's only accept local connection i can't access the Admin page from out side ,, anyone can fix it ? thanks
Full Description of D-Link DSL-2750U Router Problem
D-link Dsl-2750u Can't Access Admin From Out Side
D-Link DSL-2750U can't access admin from out side ,, i mean if you enter the router ip address it wont access any connection from outside only from local network thanks
Full Description of D-Link DSL-2750U can't access admin from out side
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