Construction Engineering

Innovative Proposal - Construction / Engineering
I need someone to help me write a proposal (4 pages) with another 4 pages of Appendices. 1 – Innovations and creativity proposal The proposal shall be submitted showing the innovations/creativity that can offer merits/benefits in the following aspects:- (i) Sustainable Provisions within the Depot Area (1.5 Page) You shall propose enhancement measures/improvement works to the Works Area, including the existing Site Accommodation, Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Site Office and storage shed that offer merits/ benefits in the following aspects:…
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Freelance Construction Estimator
We are looking for a entry level junior freelance estimator for our growing company. Basically we do estimates for paint, floor, walls and masonry.
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Detailed Drawings For Tiny Home On Wheels
I need someone who can draw detailed plans for a tiny home on wheels, that would include everything a builder needs, to know exactly how to build the home. I do not want the builder to guess where things should go. Please have done at least one tiny home on wheels. I need everything a builder would need to look at the plans and know exactly where a stud should go, a bracket should go, where the drainage, electrical, everything.…
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3 Bedroom Design Using A Container
I need a 3bedroom 1floor(deck) design with all rooms. Ensuite and 1 guest toilet withing a 50x30 floor space. See attached image for an idea
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Fence Take-off Breakdown Needed On Plans
Hello, We currently need someone to take off 3-4 projects a week. We will provide the plans, the person needs to be able to locate the fencing on the project, take it off and break it down in quantities.
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Construction Contracts & Dispute Management Re-sit Coursework 1
A local government authority (LGA) located in the West of Scotland is planning on how to procure its next phase of infrastructure projects. The LGA, being a habitual client, is very aware of the strategic importance of procurement as a way of successfully delivering its requirements. As a result, the LGA has approached you for advice on possible contract strategies they could adopt to deliver these projects successfully. In particular, they would like advice on a specific type of contract(s)…
Zlecę Wykonanie Projektu Przestawnego Billboardu (konstrukcja Metalowa Na Reklamę) -- 2
Zlecę wykonanie projektu przestawnego billboardu (konstrukcja metalowa na reklamę) przez osobę z wymaganymi uprawnieniami. Założenia do projektu są w załączonym pliku. W przypadku zainteresowania proszę o link do portfolio, pytania lub od razu o ofertę.
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Video Curso Básico De Sap2000 En Español
Me gustaría un curso de varias clases de SAP2000 para cálculo y diseño de estructuras. Quiero un curso desde cero, empezando desde cero hasta realizar ejercicios completos y avanzados al final del curso, para dominar bien el tema del análisis y diseño estructural. El mínimo total de duración del curso con todas las clases debe ser de 2 horas. Obligatorio idioma ESPAÑOL.
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Basic Video Course Of Sap2000
I would like a multi-class SAP2000 course for structural calculation and design. I want a course from scratch, starting from scratch to complete and advanced exercises at the end of the course, to master the subject of structural analysis and design well. The minimum total duration of the course with all classes must be 2 hours.
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Basic Videocourse Of
I would like a multi-class STAAD. Pro course, at first with the most basic concepts and increasing the level with each class, begining with a basic level and finishing with more advanced concepts, to learn and understand completely structural design and analysis. The minimum total duration of the videocourse with all of classes is 2 hours.
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Construir Sempre
Queria ensinar a todos um pouco sobre construção, e como economizar em reformas. material e mao de obra.
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