Computational Analysis

Data Scientist - Traditional Algorithm To Classify The Face Features
Hi, We are using mtcnn for detection and the Tensorflow facenet TFLite model for face recognition. The face recognition model returns 192 arrays. So the project architecture goes this way: 1. Face detection and crop images 2. Recognize face and get 192 array 3. Store this 192 array in database 4. While testing, detect face, get 192 array and find euclidean distance b/w test 192 array with all 192 array from database 5. Show results with least distance WORK TO…
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Computation Theory
Search for a pattern p in a given text file using a minimal DFA for the pattern. In terms of code, this means a program that can be run on the command-line as follows: java Write explanation for two ideas and code
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Ajuda Para Fazer Uma Avaliação Que Esta Em Anexo - Sistemas De Informação
Ajuda para fazer uma avaliação que esta em anexo - Sistemas de informação Disciplina GESTÃO FINANCEIRA DE CURTO PRAZO - 2021B Contato profissional o quanto antes pois tenho prazo para entregar ela. Favor olhar o documento que esta em anexo.
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Computational Modeling Flexabilty
Hi, I have a part attached in SVG / PDF. I would like you to make this part 0.8mm thick and use computational modeling to find out how much this piece can bend in the XYZ axis.
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Summarizing Cfd Research Papers
We have a set of 5 Research Papers, please to summarize them and give us a detailed presentation of all the papers, discussing the numerical, theoretical, experimental, and the simulations part.
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Theory Of Computation Task -- 2
Dear All, I hope you're ok! I have a theory of computation and regular languages task. I need a little fix on the task. So, if you know and understand the theory of computation and regular language, you are free to contact me. If you don't know it well, please don't waste my time. Thank you so much!
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Computational Modelling Of Human Movement Dysfunction Within Opensim
Building computational models of upper limb spasticity in OpenSim to use in research of the reliability of a Kuka LBR Med to identify and classify spasticity. OpenSim:
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Plan And Diagram 4 Different Computer Wizards With Questions And Overall Live Chat
Create and plan 4 wizards of a maximum of 15 questions each wizard (outside the contact related questions) each wizard is set up to extract the information needed out of the clients which subjects such as reporting a incident, adding information about past employeers, understanding your companies diversity profile and adding your companies diversity profile. You must have a programming background be able to get the options together and have experience of creating these wizards for a website. You will…
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Norms And Matricies Help
I am looking for someone familiar with norms and matricies and within budget. As well as matleb experience.
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